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ok, i need u to be honest, have u ever feel jealous w me? if yes, why?

yes . bcause you're never pretend to be anyone else . You just being you, the real you without no doubt.

What is the nicest gift you have given to your mother?

i gave 5 ringgit to my mum when i was about 10years old b'cause i got the best result in the class, first rank . hahahahahahahahaha

tapi kan klau takde bucket boleh guna basket tak sbb bunyi dia seakan akan sama ✌??

haaaaa boleh2. recycle je mne yg ade ?

kalau bosan apa nak buat?

tgok drama, movie hindustan,melukis, baca novel, join zumba, makan2 , try masak new recipe, APA YG PENTING BUAT LA BUCKET LIST ,

If you had an opportunity to change your name, would you use it? If yes, what would be the name?

No . i love my name damn so much .

in case no one told you today, you're chubby and you need to stop eating ! wake up u little fluffy tummy bunny ! haha

am i ? thank you for telling me that. i'll later turn to my ideal weight so soon .

what song that made you cry, smile, laugh and remind you of someone?

Somebody else-ebony day . hahahah . x de la smpai nangis . lol

memories are getting fade you know, it is sad

no it's not ! memories can even make a relationship stronger because memories will stay forever. it was like a rope that attracts two person together.

screaming? only screaming can make you feel better? is it worth to someone?

yeah , why not ? but later after screaming what am i going to do is distance myself from those ppl that constantly making me cant breathe well.

Have you ever been madly jealous? What did you do?

xhwoehweurowbriejahsvwkwiakwgso arrrrrggggghhhh ! *screaming

don't ever lie to me cause at the end, aku akan tahu jugak semua benda yg kau rahsia.

entah . x ade . x .. la . no.. minjussoh.. boyaaa..

ive been through a lot today and i need you but it seem didnt go as i wanted *sigh

Tomorrow you'll be fine . Im soo sorry for everything. If you need me , i'll always be around.


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