Ask @missm0reno:

What is the most delicious berry?

Cherry. Wait that's not a berry is it? Bananas are berries so voila!

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Are you single?

Honey, I'm so single, people put me in strippers' underwear.

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Which movie do you think is overrated?

Um, Twilight? Cheesy answer right? I don't know, I like most movies so wrong person to ask.

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What's the first thing you did when you woke up today?

Well after getting rid of my disgusting ass dragon breath, I danced around my house and made myself breakfast. I probably should've put clothes on but eh.

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How long does it take to really 'know' someone?

I don't think there's a time limit , just how much effort you put into getting to know them.

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Where should you never take a first date?

Your parent's house ... or any family member's house. That's too much interrogating -.-

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What magazines do you read?

Mainly gossip but parenting ones are great too. <3

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What country's foods do you like the most?

Brazil's and Dominican Republic's , omfg I can eat Spanish and Portuguese food allll day.

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Is it easier to forgive or forget?

Forget. Forgiving means letting that person back into your life and that's not really easy.

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What is one of your favorite foods?

Everything haha.
Kidding ! Uhm , I love bacon.

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What color shoes are you wearing today?

Red , white , and blue <3

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