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Do you still revisit your 'past self' through things like journals, social media posts, etc.? I used to write daily in an online journal from 2009 to the mid-2010s, which I still have access to. Some of those things I don't even remember; I barely recognize myself—like, who is *she?I don't know *her

Yes!! And I feel the same way haha

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Why are non alcoholic beers like going down on your sister? Because they may taste the same but it doesn't make it right

Why are non alcoholic beers like going down on your sister Because they may

Are those your long pajamas? Love those long pajamas.

Yeah, I bought matching pjs for my best friend and I! They are comfortable haha

Did you answer before ?? What do you think about having a bf while being married ??

I’ve not seen this question? But I’d need more context? Sounds like cheating but if they are separated or divorcing then maybe? Still seems sort of messy but not my business.

Do you hate that it gets dark early? I do, and the thought that there are still months to go until the days get longer again intensifies my sadness.

Yeah that’s one thing about fall that’s a drag! It gets dark so early and it seems so late but it’s really like 7pm haha

Why would a person have the same profile picture from 5 years ago? Did they get fat in the meantime and are ashamed to post some recent pics

Not necessarily? Some people just don’t care about taking selfies or even updating social media. Maybe that was a time in their life they felt happy so they wanna leave it. Who knows. But it’s more weird to care about someone else’s profile picture lol
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How do you feel about your significant other telling your relationship problems to their family?

antisocialmermaid12103’s Profile Photoantisocialmermaid
Ahhh I wouldn’t like it if it were every little thing. But it’s natural to vent a little bit.

When was the last time, if ever, you went to another country? 🇸🇪➡️🇩🇰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It’s been way too long 😭 i had a trip planned but 2 weeks before I was supposed to leave, the start of Covid hit really bad so I had to cancel. I went to Europe when I was 17. So that’s been 13 years. I have plans for next year though 😊

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Is there a city you'd really want to visit? Why? 🗽🏙️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Kyoto. It just seems super pretty and then the history that they try to keep alive is super cool! I want to see a Geisha 😊
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My day was fascinating, thrilling, sheltered all at the same time. How was yours?

It’s been very low key. Lazy day for me

will i ever get a good paying job? i make $15 an hour. i'm broke as shit. i can barely pay rent and utilities.

You will eventually. That was me until recently. I still don’t get paid a ton but it’s enough to survive.


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