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Who was the last person you texted, and what did this text say?

My Sister .my little neice is going for brain scan tomorrow see if she suffer with the condition our dad and half older sister have fits and they think my neice has that same condition so the text was about her app tomorrow

Does it bother you when strangers call you things like baby, sweetheart, or love?

No if was in relationship it would be different but I'm not
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My PowerBook was faulty and my iPad Air died? :L

ok anon you have lost me with this question was you talking to me with saying your powerbook died 🤔🤔

If you had been abused or neglected at work, how would you have handled it?

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
Is the job worth it staying probably would quit

Bonfires should be banned and cigarettes do you agree?

As pet owner my ears hurts from my fur baby barking none stop I hate bonfire night for sure ..in time cigarettes it's in pipe line that so I've heard

Were you good at maths when you were at school?

I love maths people mock my English still even if got a C in my exams I won't lie couldnt be arsed with English at all but no one perfect aslong they get what I'm saying

Confidence or looks

Looking at me people think I'm confident person I'm really not I've gain some in last year or so before that I've struggle of my life..I think it's vein of me say my looks either as I've supported of the beauty standards that its shit judging someone I wouldn't catch me call anyone ugly or rated people looks

Why does no one ever like what we share on Facebook? It's really fake

This remind me of someone on Facebook share what he having for his tea if don't like his status he think everyone hates him..life isn't about the likes unfortunately

What's your opinion on drinking culture around university students?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
Drinking culture as their religion they don't drink mean I know some sober people that can still have fun without the alcohol and there some who say I'm not going out if not drinking its boring being the sober person while everyone drunk around them .as a student you are around more people that drink that don't drink hats of to them I couldn't be around drunken person when I'm sober

What is one of your favorite smells?

People think I'm probably weird but vicks rub like it's my most use item when I'm poorly can't live without it that much got in my eye the burn bloody kills

What incredibly strong opinion do you have that is completely unimportant in the grand scheme of things?

People don't like my opinions..I like believe what believe in and what don't elieve in nothing will change my mind gay rights and love is love I like stand up for I have mix reviews People will blocked me staright out as they believe what God says and Bible and I like say fuck the bible and God im all for healthy debate but then run away from me by blocking me like mature adults they are 🤷‍♀️
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Riddle: What can you catch but not throw ❓❓❓ (with this one, I am trying to find a person who doesn’t get it on the first try👀)

🤭..it's look like this riddle is made for me if looking for someone who will fail this one on the first go ..you got the person
My answer is a fish

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I've never wanted a bottle of vodka so much in my life. I'm a recovering alcoholic 16 months sober and close fucking it up 🥲 help me

jumpa88’s Profile PhotoStraightpipeq3
Drinking is never the answer look how far you have come as when sober up the problem is still there can ease your pain for abit the alcohol

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Should parents give their adult child money to help them when moving out?

I think parents create spolit brats even given them when adults..mum and dad will get them out of trouble ..if stop that when they think life own them a favour they expect hand outs instead of working for it I'm telling you parents ain't around forever as a parent you thinking your helping but your not helping as they have survive without you one day
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Have you ever taken a bath with someone?

Sharing is caring even a dirty water in the bath and yeah unfortunately 😅
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Would you rather read a novel or watch a movie?

I've read a book and film but a book goes into more details and films cut half of the film plot I went to see twilight breaking dawn part 1 after reading the book I was expecting the film be good I was disappointed from the book they cut alot out in the actual film the film still good but was expecting more of it

What was the last thing you purchased off of Amazon?

Unfortunately can't order ewt as my amazon account ie blocked as someone claiming to be them try to scam me so remove my bank details bacause won't add my bank details amazon itself has blocked my account but I'm not arsed it can stay blocked


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