Ask @mista_siush:

Post your favorite lyrics 💞

Faby Fateesha
I been in the streets since I was nine, for real
Think this money got me traumatized, ain't got no time to chill
I know if a bitch won’t, my mama will
I can't lie, I popped a lot of pills
To get me in my mode, but I can't take no more
All this pain, don't know how to feel
I was told if you gon' take it, go on and take it
I don't know how to steal
Fuck the opps, we gotta kill
Slide back on the same drill
Let the stick head out the window, I'ma drive the wheel

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What is something you just really want to do?:$

I just want to make my mother proud I’ve already wasted so much time not listening to my father’s advices but now since he’s not with me anymore I’m starting to realise everything he said was 100% true, I just really want to help my family as much as possible now

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