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What do you think of intermittent fasting?

It’s over hyped. It works for weight loss but only because you’re reducing the number of meals you’re eating from 3 to 2.
Less meals, less calories. Less calories = weight loss.
Otherwise, I struggle to see any benefit to it.

Do you think that nurses and doctors should cry or show sadness when a patient passes away ?

No, it’s not part of the job and it doesn’t make them any better at it.

Is a 10yr age gap too much im 19, he’s 30 soon?

Honestly, I think that might be too big of a gap. If you were 29 and he was 40, I think it would be a different story.
It’s not that he’s too old, it’s more that you’re too young.

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What's your opinion on when someone says something rude/ nasty etc to you and they go oh sorry it's my autism and then blame their autism?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
You point out that it’s unacceptable, regardless of why they said it.
Most HF Autistic people will recognize that they’ve offended or hurt you, if you say it out loud and amend their behaviour.

My partner and I live together. He works, I don't, so I am the one who cooks and takes care of the house. He always has his food ready when he gets home from work. Do you think that's bad? My friend called me a mid century housewife (in a mocking way), but I feel like I should do that? He works alot

Your friend’s a dick. There’s nothing wrong with being a housewife.
It’s not for everyone but if it works for you, then great.

Why don't women grow facial hair and chest hair?

Those particular hair follicles are stimulated by DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone. Women have naturally lower levels of testosterone.
This is largely why trans men, on HRT, are able to grow facial hair.

Is a girl 1.72m tall for 72kg considered fat? If so what's the ideal weight? xx

It’s on the upper bounds of what’s considered a healthy weight by most physicians.
But that’s using BMI which doesn’t account for a whole lot of additional factors.
If you’re really concerned about your health and fitness, book yourself in for a diagnostics session and get everything checked.

Can a lady refuse child support from her baby daddy if she doesn't need it because she has enough money to raise her child, and doesn't need that insignificant amount of money?

No, she can’t. It’s a perception issue though.
Child support fees are the legal right of the child, not the parent. It doesn’t matter if it goes into clothing them, feeding them, paying for education or just creating a nest egg for the child…they have to receive it.
That’s the non-custodial parent’s contribution.
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how can I find a girlfriend/boyfriend if i dont ever leave the house?

Dating apps/sites are your best bet but at some point, most suitors would expect you to leave the house to see them.

Is it bad that I am barely 20 and already feel old? I know 30 year olds who are more vigourous and energic than me

It’s definitely not good. You should see your physician about it, just in case.

Is it demeaning to have to wear a bow tie at your workplace?

No, it’s a uniform. Lots of jobs require them.

I'm allowing my wife to go out with her friends for dinner in a few weeks and she's suggesting a couple of drinks after with them, I've told her this is unacceptable and she needs to be back at my set time which is no later than 9pm. How do I make her understand this is a ridiculous idea?

You could divorce her, she’s clearly too far gone, man.

I am so fed up with doing household chores. I am a princess, I shouldn't have to wash dishes.

So get one of the servants to do it, unless you’re not actually a princess?

Best place for burger??

Most burger chains: BK, McDs, Wendy’s, etc. are massively overhyped.
Whataburger though? Maybe not the best you’ll ever have but you’ll *always* have a good burger.

My co-worker had a go at me for literally nothing, then came to apologise and said they were in a bad mood. Is that a valid reason? As if we ain't all in a bad mood, we're at work at 8am after all

It’s a valid reason, doesn’t make it acceptable though.

Was Jesus born in a stable

It’s unlikely. Yes, there’s the whole Nativity story but that’s been very dramatised and ad libbed.
First things first, while Mary and Joseph likely made that 70 mile journey from their home in Nazareth to Bethlehem where Jesus is said to have been born, it’s unlikely they did this while Mary was 8-9 months pregnant. The Gospel of Luke implies that they were there for a while.
Next, there’s the issue of the inn. The Greek word for “inn” is “pandocheion” but the birth of Christ refers to it as “kataluma” which was more of a guest house.
It’s known that Judean houses consisted of an upper guest house and a lower living and dining area.
The Gospel of Luke also states that they travelled for the Roman Census proclamation, and many others would’ve done the same, leading to the lack of room in the guest house.
So no, he was probably born in a house.

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Is it wrong to have a friend that's 60+ and I'm 31 we go on trips and meals together is it wrong?

It’s not wrong but some people will think that it is. All that really matters is what you think.

If i am straight and date someone who is non binary, am I still straight?

My knee-jerk reaction is no, purely because ‘straight’ generally means you’re into someone of the opposite gender.
But if someone doesn’t identify one way or the other, I guess that’s neither heterosexual or homosexual.
So…it doesn’t really matter, I guess. It’s really up to you, if you feel like you’re still straight then that’s that.

Do you think everyone should see a therapist at least once or have some sort or therapy

For sure, yeah. If for no other reason than…why not?

It’s my day off and I should be productive, but could happily chill on the sofa all day. Should I feel guilty?

Lukebh92’s Profile PhotoLuke
If you genuinely ‘should be productive’ then maybe there’s something to feel guilty about.
But my knee-jerk reaction is no.

why do i fall for guys who treat me poorly and cheat on me? i'm too pretty to be treated this way

Maybe you’re too focused on appearances, as it sounds. Maybe go out with someone who treats you a little better.

If I gained weight, would men still like me?

Assuming you mean, would they still find you attractive, maybe and maybe not.
Like most women, most men have a body type they’re attracted to and whatever way yours changes with the weight gain, they might lose interest. Then again, others might gain interest.
My advice: get to the body weight and form YOU want and the guys who like you will be there.

do people get medicated for adhd?

Sure, plenty of people do. There’s five medications that’re given for ADHD.

I wish I still looked like I did 10 years when I was skinny. I want to be 20 again

I get that way sometimes and then I remember I spent that part of my life eating ramen out of a plastic bag that I cooked in a basin of boiling water.
Age has its perks too.
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What your favourite flavour milkshake?

Coconut and pistachio. If you’re feeling super bougie, toss in some pineapple.
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my friend and i are thinking about doing something to see if my partner STILL cares about me, we wanna have her call him at work and tell him that i've been sick all morning just to see if he comes runnin to me. his reaction will tell everything i need to kno. is that a bad idea?

Yes, that’s a terrible idea. Do not do that.
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Is 24 the right age for a young woman like me to get married and have children?

There is no “right age”, as long as you’re both adults and the relationship is solid.
Speaking as someone who got married young and regretted it, just make sure it’s not a whimsical decision.
Think it through for everyone involved.
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Lasagne or spaghetti bolognese

Bolognese over Lasagne any day but specifically the OG Bolognese:
Maccheroni alla Bolognese, it’s an alien dish by comparison. So much better.
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What’s it like being in a relationship I’ve never been in one

Depends on the relationship. Talking from personal experience:
Some have been great, some have been awful. All varying lengths and dynamics but they were all experiences worth having.
Even the bad ones, maybe especially the bad ones.

I'm doing a personal little survey regarding a very old question. Does size matter? And what would you class as "small"? Just a simple yes or no will do but if you want to explain why, then please do!

If you’re asking about what it sounds like you’re asking about:
Yes, it matters. But not as much as people think it does and not in the way most people think.
The degree to which it matters will vary from person to person.
In short: it matters but it also doesn’t really matter.

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Is it good if I can make a guy laugh?

Depends. If you’re trying to be funny, then yeah.
But if they’re laughing *at* you? Not the best sign.

When do you plan on going back to work? With the cost of living crisis the way it is, wouldn’t it be ideal for a family to have both parents work and both children in a nursery and school.

I am “back at work”. I don’t have any kids and I’m not married.
I’m not really sure what you’re talking about?

You are so pretty, I wanted to say gergoues but idk how to spell it 😀

Thank you. Also, it’s gorgeous but I would’ve known what you meant anyway!

How old was you when you got your first tattoo & how many do you have now

I don’t have any tattoos, though I considered it a lot when I was younger.
I’m glad I never got any but I still think they’re cool on other people.

How do i tell someone they’re making me feel uncomfortable without hurting their feelings?

curlywurly83’s Profile PhotoCurlyWurly83
I doubt you can but if they find out they were making you uncomfortable and you weren’t able to tell them? They might be even more hurt.


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