Ask @mitziiiii:

Year 2016 Most unforgettable moment? Greatest what if? Biggest success? Most life-changing event? Biggest regret? Hardest decision made? Friend of the Year? Gala of the Year? Happiest moment?

Hmm most unforgettable moment, being in HK completely alone? My first night there I explored lang and then I found this park bigla and it had the most amazing view and I was so at peace. Greatest what if, hmm yung Hindi related sa other answers ko dito, what if I watched the play. Most life-changing event might be when I traveled alone or when I decided to run for president or starting my blog? Hardest decision, choosing between internship or midyear. Biggest regret, I waited for my dad to pick me up when I could've left UP early Kaya tuloy na late for Les Mis 💔 Gala of the year hmm I went to this museum on my own and sobrang ♥ so maybe yun? Happiest moment: getting to know the members more/ getting paid to go shopping for the blog! 💕. Friend of the year: myself HAHA idk but this year was the first time na I went on a date with myself and it was amazing. I learned how to love myself, how to be a friend to myself, and how to be on my own.

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Ano ang iyong pipiliin? Yung taong nagbabalik tapos may pag-ibig ka pa or yung taong bagong dating tapos may pag-ibig ka na?

Di ko gets haha pag-ibig= feelings for that person? If yes, So someone na umalis pero mahal ko parin or someone na bagong dating and mahal ko na? Haha depends sa circumstances pero for me, someone na umalis pero mahal ko parin kasi commitment etc. haha for sure mas mahal ko siya kesa dun sa new person haha and only if naresolve na yung past issues kaya nag hiwalay

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