Year 2016 Most unforgettable moment? Greatest what if? Biggest success? Most life-changing event? Biggest regret? Hardest decision made? Friend of the Year? Gala of the Year? Happiest moment?

Hmm most unforgettable moment, being in HK completely alone? My first night there I explored lang and then I found this park bigla and it had the most amazing view and I was so at peace. Greatest what if, hmm yung Hindi related sa other answers ko dito, what if I watched the play. Most life-changing event might be when I traveled alone or when I decided to run for president or starting my blog? Hardest decision, choosing between internship or midyear. Biggest regret, I waited for my dad to pick me up when I could've left UP early Kaya tuloy na late for Les Mis 💔 Gala of the year hmm I went to this museum on my own and sobrang ♥ so maybe yun? Happiest moment: getting to know the members more/ getting paid to go shopping for the blog! 💕. Friend of the year: myself HAHA idk but this year was the first time na I went on a date with myself and it was amazing. I learned how to love myself, how to be a friend to myself, and how to be on my own.