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Do you believe your a good or bad person?

starkk94’s Profile Photosam
I know I’m a good person 💯 ; some people might not think I am because of my actions , and I highly regret them so much , so all I do now is to show them I am a good person , and wtv I did was when I was at my lowest trying to numb my pain from everything 💔
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What's one movie or TV show that scared you as a child?

The movie that scared me when I was small was ; The Strangers

Is there any person living or dead that you would want to have a conversation with?

Yess my grandpa 💔😔
07102021 forever missed 🕊😔
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If you didn’t want me all you literally had to do was tell me. It’s not that hard, bruh.

Idk yu bruh

If your friend was flirting with your significant other would you let it slide?

Mmm depends if I let them

Don’t you hate when you’re watching something good on TV but can’t finish it because you have to go to work?

Omg yess


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