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Space 🖤

Know herself well.
She seemed a happy,
Joyful child very
Different though.
This child lived a life
A life of silence
She did not have many to
Speak to. Not much to say.
Death, Cutting, Depression.
Was a part of her life.
All of her life.
That was all it was.
Death, Cutting and
She was ignored
by the people
the people that were,
were suppose to love her
Her Parents thought she
was a mistake a mishap.
A thing that never should
have never happened.
A disgrace.
She was never loved by no one
She was "a waste" she has told herself
She ask "Do I try to Disturb the Life of
Good people?"
She no long did such a thing
She no longer put herself
In pain and misery
She put herself out of it
She for once felt
felt good, normal,
I feel like I wanna cry
Seems like you love me
But you're too late I wanna die
I can't stand this life anymore
I just wanna be on my own
Just say goodbye and close the door
Then make myself at home
Nobody will miss me
They will all laugh when I say goodbye
When I'm gone there will be no difference
Not for me anyway I'll be high in the sky
I love you all
Be with you always
Be by your side
in your heart
My girl

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is not easy but... then agian its not hard... trying to be understood
in a heartless world would be immposible...
trying to stand alone when you are broken
trying to be me
trying to stay me
trying to trust myself inpossable...
but think again...
but since i have not fallen yet ipossable is not the word for me...
trying to find myself..
My room is clean
My room has colors of
Baby pink, violet and green
Colors of many dreams
Dreams trapped inside this room
The window sills are marble cold;
the floor is polished with force
Yet a blotch sullies one spot -
It will never fade away, it will always stay
Home yet prison
Refuge yet trap
Ally yet enemy
Paradox is home
My room and I
we are one of the kind
we are the same
My room and I
but i am trying to find myslf
trying to find my sun in a dark night
It must have been so hard on you
I am sorry for all I put you through
How I tell you I am sorry !?
By touch
It's impossible when you're away
How I did not realized it before
That I hurt yah that much
But now I am sorry
I do regret it
I didn't mean it
So let's make up and forget it all
Sun is rising again
It's new day .......

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Space 💫

it had not been for this love, the universe would not have appeared in its source. Its
movement from non-existence to existence is the movement of the love of the One who
brings into existence for this purpose. The universe also loves to witness itself in existence as
it was witnessed in immutability. Thus by every aspect, the movement from immutable non-
existence to the existence of the sources is a movement of love, both in respect of Allah (god ) and
in respect to itself.
Ibn Arabi, T

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Space !?

The sun sets to rise again
sleep again in this slow grave I've dug fo
dreaming in the coffin
this empty house built of broken dreams, loss, abuse and love lost
even at my best
something never feels right
smiling yet sinking outnumbered with my fight
I'm happy and yet still sad
my demons drive me mad
cause even at my best, the fullest of my potential
I'm happy with life, yet eager to die
I'd welcome death I don't know why
never could, I always fathom why
even with it all, I'm always ready to die
life is only a dawning
to fade into eternity
and I'm ready for my sunset
to s
The daylight slowly slips away,
As out the window pane I gaze,
At a purple, orangish, reddish haze.
How could such a lovely sight,
Indicate approaching night?
The awful terror it shall bring,
The pain, the bruises, the biting sting.
The sun sinks lower in the sky,
And as it does, I start to cry.
the pain is coming, getting close,
The terror that I fear the most.
The door slams open, and there he stands
With angry eyes and shaking hands.
I think he's drunk, no way to know.
He stumbles forward, and here we go.
First the arm, grasping firm
Then stomach, face, all feel the burn.
Punching, jabbing, breaking bone,
I scream for help, but am alone.
At last it ends, he's had his fill,
He leaves me there, lying still.
And though it's over for tonight,
Tomorrow, again, I'll be filled with fright.
The following day, I'm all alone.
Dad's at the bar, there's no one home.
No one's around to hear the shot,
And so I'll lay alone
I'm so afraid. I can't go on

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انا وحيده لدررجه كببيره محدش قريب مني ومعنديش صاحب وعلاقتي باهلي عايشه معاهم وخلاص حابسه نفسي ونفسي اخرج من اللي انا فيه بحاول انزل بس هروح لمين وهروح فين مش عارفه اتقبل فكره اني اعيش لوحدي سعيده انا مبعملش حاجه ف حياتي فقدت الشغف فكل حااجه وتايهه وحاسه اني شايله هم مش سني واني بكبر بسرعه ومش عايشه

What makes you trust a person ?

When you decide to trust someone, it means that you believe in that person's integrity. Trusting is knowing that ultimately this person's intentions are good. And it also means that you know that they are going to make mistakes. But building a strong relationship is possible.
Anyway I like to know a new ppl etc so I trust easily etc

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How do you feel when you're drunk !?

You might become emotionally unstable and get easily excited or saddened. You might lose your coordination and have trouble making judgment calls and remembering things. You might have blurry vision and lose your balance. You may also feel tired or drowsy.

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What are the main qualities of love !?

I believe that there three main qualities of it
passion, intimacy, and commitment. Love relationships vary depending on the presence or absence of each of these components. Passion refers to the intense, physical attraction partners feel toward one anothe

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How do you know that you love someone?

It's kinda complicated issue tbh
But Loving someone romantically usually involves a desire for a many-faceted connection.You value their personality and want their friendship. You might lust after them a little (though you can experience romantic love without ever desiring a physical relationship etc

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Who's the most beautiful freind and you admire the most !?

Tbh it's hard to pick one but currently I guess victorian I do love her that much ....I mean she's beautiful culture amazing decent girl ....we have nothing in common like she's a Christian religious girl and she's conservative .I am the opposite of her yet I like our discussions etc .I do respect her and god bless her

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للهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدناﷺ🌹ونبيناﷺ🌹 وحبيبنا ﷺ🌹 وقائدنا ﷺ🌹 وشفيعناﷺ🌹وقرة عيونناﷺ🌹 رسول اللهﷺ 🌹محمدﷺ🌹 النبي ﷺ🌹 الأمي ﷺ الطيب ﷺ🌹 الطاهرﷺ 🌹الزكي ﷺ🌹 وعلى آله ﷺ وصحبهﷺ اجمعينﷺ🌹عدد خلقكﷺ🌹ورضاءنفسكﷺ🌹 وزنة عرشكﷺ🌹 ومداد كلماتكﷺ 🌹كلما ذكرك الذاكرونﷺ🌹 وغفل عن ذكرك الغافلون 🌷