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hi, have you been enjoying the new dragonball?

Eh, it's okay. It's mostly nostalgia for me. If it weren't for the fact that I used to wake up at 7am every Saturday morning -- much to my mom's chagrin -- to watch Dragon Ball Z on KCAL9 back when I was 8 or 9, I don't think I'd really care all that much about the show. It's really outdated for a shounen. The earlier episodes had some creativity, and you couldn't win simply by having a bigger number, but now that we've gotten to the big bad baddie, it's all about numbers. So technically, it's not as fun to watch compared to like... My Hero Academia. But again, there's the emotional attachment born from my youth that still makes me enjoy the show. Too bad Vegeta's about to be knocked out and I don't really care all that much for Goku.

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>I just don't think adopting a blanket antitheism position is the best solution here. There are other issues that factor in here. Such as? What you call spirituality does not require religion whatsoever, and can be got from science, art, or standing in awe of nature. Religion causes new problem

Suit yourself. I'm not interested in this argument. I'd suggest debating someone with more investment in religion.

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So it doesn't bother you that a large number of voters are highly gullible and believe in a convenient lie? Ray Moore was elected because of a lack of critical thinking in a section of the country that wants to break down the establishment clause and create a theocratic ethnostate.

That's a really lame way to start a discourse. If I say I'm not a men's rights activist, are you going to counter with "So it doesn't bother you that men have higher suicide rates?" C'mon, man. Of course I don't like what's happening in Alabama. I just don't think adopting a blanket antitheism position is the best solution here. There are other issues that factor in here.

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Do you agree with the New Atheists' antitheism, and have you read any of their books?

Who? What? Books?
As an atheist, I really don't care that much about religion or my lack thereof. I simply don't believe in gods and dieties. I don't read books about it. I don't go looking for other atheists. I don't attend meet-ups to discuss atheist topics. It doesn't really define me. It definitely does not interest me.
I get it. Some people think religion is super bad, and should be actively fought against or something. Unfortunately, I think there are bigger problems to tackle, especially when you can't deny that spirituality is life-affirming for a lot of people. We can't say the same about, say, modern slavery.

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