thats kind of a bad rationale. not every anime is worth watching (most aren't). Don't you worry that watching so much junk can affect your critical faculties or at the very least cause nontrivial, irreversible brain damage? How do you even find the time to watch all this bad anime?

So people shouldn't review bad movies? And while certain anime aren't worth watching on their own, it doesn't mean you can't make something worthwhile out of them. Do you think Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a waste of time because they make fun of bad movies that you don't think are worth watching? I'm not saying I'm anywhere close to Mystery Science Theater 3000, but the "bad rationale" is the same. Finally, are you trolling me with this "nontrivial, irreversible brain damage" shit? C'mon, get real. And as I've said before, I only sleep five hours a day. Plus, a post on these bad anime take at most an hour to write.

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