Ask @mohamed_bakkr:

عايزة اجابه وافية.. ياريت بلاش ترد بكلمة او جمله واحده حتى فى ناس فى المدرسة ممكن يكونوا مش مختلطين بيك اوى بس هما شايفين انك مغرور جدا .. انا دايما بحاول اقنعهم انهم فاهمينك غلط انت بس بتحاول تكون روش لكن للاسف اللى شايفين كده كتير .. و مش مستنية انك تقول I do not care و كده انا عايزه كلام واضح

I do in fact care what certain people think of me and it’s totally fine cuz I believe it’s a human nature. But why the hell would I care for the opinion of a person who I never dealt with and doesn’t even have the guts to come up to my face and tell me what he/she thinks, well I think I can sleep with that. Yes, I have been told that I am arrogant before, but I’m not even gonna try defending myself here cuz you yourself mentioned that people who say so haven’t dealt with me quite often, So how about this crazy idea, before judging a person try dealing with him personally first. btw Thank you but I don’t think that I need a perosn who also doesn’t know me well enough to defend me aganist other strangers. And after all, you can’t make everyone happy, can you ?!
I preferred to take this seriously although I had many answers روشه, So I hope this changes the idea that I am trying to be روش cuz I’m not trying, I know I am.

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Suggest TV series.

-Breaking Bad : best TV series evermade in history hands down.
-The Good Doctor
-Prison Break
-Mr Robot
I watched/watching all of these and I can assure u won’t regret watching any of them.
Other shows that I didn’t get the chance to watch but heard many good reviews about may include
-Game of thrones
-13 Reasons why
-House MD
-Stranger things
-House of cards

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