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If you had the money would you build a new house or buy a old house and do it up to how you want it

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It depends if I’m in n hurry or not.

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جماعه عايزه اعرف حوار اني لما بنزل حاجه علي الاسك هنا بتوصل للناس علي انه (شخصي)؟ لان الموضوع دا مدايقني والناس مفكره اني ببعتلها😂

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I got your question as a private question.

Guys, I had a question! I have been in a relationship for almost 3 years- I love my boyfriend but at the same time I miss being single- I don’t know what should I do (I can’t let him go because I love him) but sometimes I just want to be single and have fun

You are afraid of loneliness. So you can’t make a decision.

Are you vape smoker they are saying apparently you could have long term health impacts instead of banning them do you agree with the tax they are adding on to actual purchase price of them ?

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I smoke cuz I’m alone. It’s very bad habit though.
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