Ask @mohdmujtaba313:

Please don’t ignore this because it’s a shoutout! I decided to end things with a boy who was so in love with me & It’s been a huge mistake.Do u think it’s okay if I continue talking to another boy who seems to be falling for me as I think it will help me get over the first boy?

Why am I getting these questions?😂
Should I be proud?😂
Okay so here For valid reasons go for it but if that first boy really loves you, you are not going anywhere and if you do so you don’t deserve any of the boisss !
#takecare *_*

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What is love?

Okay here Take this!
So I have actually been in love and replying this will actually be good !
Okay so Love is that condition in which happiness of other person is your happiness It is not always that love means a new happening between a boy or a girl it can be your moms love or your dads love for you., It can be your love toward a child begging around streets, it can be a love for your sister whom you cry for while her vidaai aur it can be for your pet so basically its for people whom you actually care for Mmmm aur bohat hai matlab love ke but Yeah! Bus hai itna!

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