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I got 67% in matric and intermediate. I heard that final selection is made on merit? What does that mean? And secondly from which book can I study for initial test? I'm not from cadet college.

Suppose 1500 people are selected and total seats are 1200 than in the end they'll make Merit list and jin ki issb achi ho and fsc mai marks ache hoon toh he'll be in the top of the list and isi tarah neechay ayeinge and isi tarah 1200 fully select ho jate hain and remaining 300 wo hote hain Jin Kis issb hardly recommend hoti hai and fsc mai bhi marks ache nahi hote

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I'm done with second years bro. Just waiting for the l/c vacancies to open

They need 60% plus in fsc, so you can apply but bro there's no need of any academy for initial. Initial test is really really easy just go through an intelligence book once and you'll clear the test and medical needs no academy and if you've not studied In any cadet college then join a gym and you'll clear physical test

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