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I thought u were going to stop playing like there's someone else, it's not funny I miss you nd I love you. Can we resumes jokes nd games after the reunion?

Okay I’ll be waiting for you okay

I lost you twice #, I lost you as a friend when if fell in love with you, and the second as a lover when we became strangers

Sorry bro but I’m not gay I see you covering up with women but the real truth is you very actively gay but that’s not why I cut you out my life

Baby your everything is so wonderful to me. I'm sorry someone hurt you. My heart is still here...intending to love you..because fk the world knowing we are for ourselves.

That’s sweet of you but I gotta follow my one dreams

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Calling people monkeys won’t stop you from looking like one all over the place btw I think monkeys are cuter than gorillas

I was called one my whole life lol crazy guy always climbing 🧗‍♀️

Do you want to date or speak with any old friends

Fuck them if Thayer out my life it’s cuz they are not worth keeping.

The spark has died and now you're just too late a shame, you're knocking at the wrong gate, hey, go

Great job you earned your dream come true

Have you ever been so unhappy that you wished everyone else was as miserable as you?

Hell naa that’s not gonna help anything

You left me on the ground You turned your back Now I'm feeling down

What you saw fake shit believe that but not the unscript truth??

When I disappear I just want you to write me letters about the way he would speak to you about me. That’s all I ever wanted too know from one such as you. Put it in a glass bottle and dump it into the ocean for my alternate self to discover.

The poems or app hit?

That's so stupid to try and anger someone to get them to love you, makes you hated even more.

God can you hate me some more from my bed??

what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re bored?

What’s moooo viiieess she sends me or makes some neeeewwww ones cuz they are the fucking besttttt wverrr

You break me I’m sorry 😞 wish you could see it differently

I sorry Pamaja and Laftifa just swapping off taking turns

why are you sad?

I’m sad because of you, getting junked out and ruining our relationship for the third time, u just can’t ever quit

Do you remember the last thing you said to me? How do you think it made me feel?

I would have app damn good had you had not come over like a sloppy animal house cookie

How many kids you wanna have in the future?

That’s was a lie she can’t have kids like a empty hot air balloons up there

I'm sorry but I can't help that I fell in love with you okay?

I was an idiot for tell you that, could of fucked for free Al least a few more mo tenths

What kind of relationship do you have with your cat?

I pet it sometimes rest of the day it sits on the couch and eats and makes a mess everywhere

Do you often answer your calls from numbers that aren’t in your contacts list?

Calls??? Who the fuck calls anymore only on my business line

Have you ever cheated in a relationship?

No she doe’s enough and hates herself so terrible I don’t want nothing like that for myself, it just hurts to know she is in so much pain


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