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Yr evryn of my ag hve bf/gf nd r continsly pstn pics with them nd i still can't figure out some things like Arn't their relitvs on thir social media nd do they allw thm? Is it ok to have a bf/gf I always thought it is bd Nw evryon is doin it Hw do thy evn meet? Lik i hrdly find evn any grl arund me

It don't seems cool to post pics with cheap captions on social media. Its cheating with your parents, we always show to the world our upbringing with our behavior. We should know our limits and should never exceed them. Feel lucky, if you are not involved in such crap. And don't feel worthless. God has planned something very big for everyone, which we can't even imagine......🌸

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He came into politics because he wanted Pakistan to become the country that Jinnah had envisioned. Though no one is flawless in this world, so this man changed himself and improved his weaknesses in religious matters with time and became a role model for every one to follow now. And the best thing is, he is so much passionate about dogs🐕 He left his family behind for the betterment of this illiterate nation and has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.......

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