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10 years are enough to prove Shoshi's bond. But what do you think about other girl group's bond? Like RV, Twice and Mamamoo?

Oh boy get ready because I literally live for the soshibond and what it represents for any group of humans:

Red Velvet has an interesting dynamic because of the age gap and the personalities that come along with each member; I mean, they tease irene and call her "grandma", so that's probably an accurate indication of how they view her, especially joy and yeri XD Still, I think there's a genuine and close relationship between each of the members; they're just a lot more quiet about it than a lot of other groups.

Oh god I hope Twice isn't over until it's over because I think their friendship is pure and good and wholesome and I will protect all of these children -- sure, i'll call them snsd v2.0, especially in terms of how much they care for each other and goof around like there's no tomorrow. It really did take me a while to get a handle on their dynamic, but once I did, there was no going back.

Mamamoo is probably one of the best put together groups I've seen in K-Pop because they all play off of each other so well: they're all equally crazy and doting and supportive, and that's only on camera, so I imagine behind-the-scenes is only that much sweeter. It's hard for even two people to understand and work with each other that well, so double that number and call me impressed.

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Do you ever feel lonely?

yeah definitely...cons of making close friends before achieving True Adulthood because you will rarely end up in the same place ten years later. I don't know how people survived before the internet to be quite honest

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Other things that make you happy? :D

Returning to my apartment at the end of the day and having no obligations except to watch the next episode of goblin

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The best kpop song youve ever heard?

honestly i think "um oh ah yeah" by mamamoo because it makes me very happy whenever i listen to it and that's all i want out of life really

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Who are the top female visuals in k-pop today? 1-5.

well according to TC Chandler: Nana (After School), Tzuyu (Twice), Taeyeon (SNSD), Jennie (Blackpink), Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Also did not realize Nana won in 2014 and 2015? I honestly didn't expect an Asian to get the number 1 spot ever so good for her dang

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Family should protect each other at all times. Your thoughts?

if the feeling is mutual among all members then yeah, i think that's the best way to go

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Do you think Yoona or Taeyeon is prettier?

hmmm i guess Yoona has "wowed" me with her visuals more consistently but Taeyeon does have this aura that is truly unbeatable and incredibly attractive

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You are right. Just downloaded them by other device and worked! Thank you Caro <3

hey that's great :D glad it worked out!

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Anyway. I like how you keep using TT. XD

the time at which i started using TT corresponds impressively with when "knock knock" came out and i was bowled over by twice for good

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The link are fine. And I saw the problem now. The file's size I've download is weird. It's only 25.66kb when it should be 912.52kb (that's what written on mediafire) . I tried re-download and it's still the same. It's okay Caro. I'm going to find the way in Google. Thank you!!

hm mediafire and/or your internet might be limiting your bandwidth somehow?? i'm actually not sure how this works; for someone who technically has some experience in computer science i know literally no jargon xD GOOD LUCK THOUGH

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Caro help me!! Why can't I open your pdf? I got no problem with 1-50. But the rest 3 files wont be opened. My pdf viewer is working fine. I even installed moon+reader but still not working. It's written "damage or invalid format". I've tried re-download too several times.

oh what that's weird? I just tried all the files from the links on and they all work, both in chrome and adobe acrobat. maybe your program doesn't like the brackets in the file name? you could try renaming it something different maybe? otherwise there are also online pdf viewers that you can try. hope something works for you TT if not i can always try reuploading!

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Thoughts on TWICE Signal Piano version?

as much as i have come to appreciate the mimo rapping at the beginning and end, JUST IMAGINE IF THEY ACTUALLY SANG IT LIKE THIS I'D BE ECSTATIC

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Top 5 girl group members/biases?

ruling out soshi and mamamoo because i love all of them so equally i should be a scale because it's that balanced

jisoo (blackpink) because she just doesn't give? a? single? flying? potato? about what people say and that just makes her general randomness and friendliness that much greater like i want to hang out with her so badly

seulgi (red velvet) because she's so relatable in her awkward adorable way but also she can dance the socks off of anyone else and i am always in awe like if i were friends with her i would still be such a fangirl all of the time

mina (twice) just needs to be protected and what? yes, that's right, i will be the one to protect her. also she needs to teach me how to get an amazing posture just like hers my back would thank her so much to be quite honest

nayeon (twice) is actually probably one of the few people i would ever use the word "extra" to describe because no other nearly encompasses her as completely? but also she's so genuine and actually quite chill so all in all another great friend i would love to have -- i'm noticing a trend here

sana (twice) can you tell i've been in over my head in the twice pit since the beginning of this year? anyway she is a squish and also likes to squish and these are things i will always be in favor of. but also she knows when it's time to be Serious Sana and i think she's very cool when that happens so 109% approved

there you have it the 5 idols i want as my friends kay thanks bye

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Do you read fanfics?

every time i get asked this i smile a little bit because YOU'RE SO UNASSUMING IT'S ADORABLE but anyway the answer is always yes

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this is literally me except also the reason i've basically given up after opening the app twice

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I don't think you believe previous and after life 😂

i don't think so either but it'd be nice if i could

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Nimu-nim! Movie suggestions pls c:

Jesica Savellano

guardians of the galaxy 2? or train to busan? those were the two i watched most recently haha

oh also power rangers wasn't too bad surprisingly

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I will keep cheering you up to write. But please don't be pressured. Take your time, we will wait! Happy writing Caronine <3

TT you guys are seriously the best what did i do in my previous life to deserve this

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Caroline, top 5 girl group biases RIGHT NOW.

girls' generation, mamamoo, twice, red velvet, blackpink

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I think your stories are refreshing. I like it because it's platonic and simple

aw thanks so much guys i didn't expect to feel this grateful before august 5th HAHA

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Petition for special Bysone radio for the 10th anniversary! I want to hear your SNSD stories Caronine~

not sure what everyone's schedule is like and i'm not the boss, so i won't make any promises, but that would definitely be super cool!

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It doesn't matter whether it's platonic ot9 or ot8 or romantic shipping. I like your writing because I can fell the subtle emotion and their bond. I'm glad you don't succumb to write a superficial cringing fanfic. You are one of my fav writers! <3

wow this is one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me i'm literally like TT thank you so much OTL

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Caronine will you go to Soshi fanmeet?

ahaha i wish... i definitely want to go to south korea one day but not sure if i'd ever be able to see soshi there

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Found this Mina fancam and thought you would enjoy it! Warning: lots of fangirls screaming. :DD

ohmygod where was this in my life until this moment??? i think i like this hairstyle the best on her (cheer up era was top quality, A+, would have that hair again) and her movements are always so smooth and flowing??? like my mom tried to teach me traditional chinese dance last winter (around when this vid came out actually) and spent most of the time laughing at me trying not to look like my elbows can only bend in 10-degree increments

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But Caro, the person seems won't stop insulting me. Everytime we meet.

maybe you should start trying to avoid them then? or just sit them down and be like "okay look you're being rude and i don't want to put up with that anymore". communication is always crucial for any sort of relationship -- no one is a mind reader so they'll never know how much their interactions with you are affecting you until you yourself tell them

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