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oh man i dunno if i can write an entire essay when most of it would just be screaming
if i were to summarize:
1. momoland has cool sneakers and daisy also seems cool
2. dunno much about in2it because the only guy who i though looked pretty chill also never got filmed by the cameras
4. Ailee actually brought down the entire house she was THAT powerful. like she's just strutting from one end of the stage to the other and for anyone else i would cringe a little but for her i was just like YES YOU ARE THE QUEEN that's right ailee made me go full twitter lingo
5. twice playing in the ridiculous amount of confetti for the ending was what i didn't know i needed
6. day 2's girl groups did a "dark/mysterious" stage together and let me just say that it singlehandedly renewed my motivation to follow up with dreamcatcher/fromis_9 (also i may have yelled a little when chungha just threw off her shirt like it was nothing and started dancing like that's right break down those double standards)
7. seventeen confirmed my suspicion that they will be the only guy group i can ever get into because they are all so chill and their songs are so happy i love it

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i came across your fic ‘relativity’ while reading your other twice fics and i just thought i’d come on to say that i really enjoy your writing!! :) been reading since snsd so its nice to see you writing for twice as well. Thanks for all your hard work! Lookig forward to more of your stories :)

Oh wow you’ve been around for a while.. thanks so much this means a lot TT and it’s always fun meeting people who are both sone and once :D more of us need to realize the power of stanning both to be quite honest

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Thoughts on Blackpink's latest mini-album/comeback? Fave song?

Honestly I like every track a lot except the title.... but ddu du ddu du is still quite solid; I just think in terms of if they wanted a more BP unique sound they could’ve gone with like, literally any other track as the title? All in all 4 songs is too little for waiting an entire year but what else are we expecting from YG at this point—at least he finally gave Jennie something to do besides watch Netflix xD

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Thoughts on this video talking about Momo's VLIVE confession and etc...? It made me sad :(

Not sure that’s the right link xD but if you’re talking about how she literally starved herself to lose 7 kg in a week...poor child. And I think they do genuinely see it as a hardship that helped them grow and get to where they are today, but I can’t help wondering about all the other trainees who worked just as hard but couldn’t make the final cut in the end :/

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Author. I love your fluffy stories of twice. It's not cringing at all and so well written. I like how beautifully you put your words. Do you have other fluff that I can read outside from archiveofourown?

Aw thanks you’re too kind TT All my twice fic are on ao3 but if you’re in the snsd fandom I have a bunch of stuff on!

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what does “bad lapse of judgment” mean?

"bad" is sort of a superfluous adjective since a "lapse in judgment" already means that the person in question probably didn't make the best decision (this phrase assumes everyone has good judgment, i.e. is able to judge whether or not a decision is the right one, so a "lapse" or pause in this usually good judgment is what the phrase is referring to).
Adding "bad" to "lapse in judgment" could just be one of those colloquial things that native English speakers end up doing even though it technically isn't correct (e.g. saying "less people" instead of "fewer people"), or maybe it's just to emphasize exactly how bad the lapse is

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Hi caro. Are you gonna compile all your #moonrise366? Like in wordpress or aff?

currently i have them split up into pdfs, each containing 50 freeforms, which can be downloaded at . Each pdf also has a table of contents in the beginning so you can click on whichever particular freeform you want to read. I haven't really planned to post them elsewhere, but I suppose if there's enough interest I can make a wordpress or finally use my aff account for something productive XD

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not really quite sold on the first half of the first point, but it's good advice in general for professional writing (and also oral presentations) -- the main message is just making sure not to use casual english conversation in a business setting, which makes sense

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