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what does “bad lapse of judgment” mean?

"bad" is sort of a superfluous adjective since a "lapse in judgment" already means that the person in question probably didn't make the best decision (this phrase assumes everyone has good judgment, i.e. is able to judge whether or not a decision is the right one, so a "lapse" or pause in this usually good judgment is what the phrase is referring to).
Adding "bad" to "lapse in judgment" could just be one of those colloquial things that native English speakers end up doing even though it technically isn't correct (e.g. saying "less people" instead of "fewer people"), or maybe it's just to emphasize exactly how bad the lapse is

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Hi caro. Are you gonna compile all your #moonrise366? Like in wordpress or aff?

currently i have them split up into pdfs, each containing 50 freeforms, which can be downloaded at . Each pdf also has a table of contents in the beginning so you can click on whichever particular freeform you want to read. I haven't really planned to post them elsewhere, but I suppose if there's enough interest I can make a wordpress or finally use my aff account for something productive XD

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not really quite sold on the first half of the first point, but it's good advice in general for professional writing (and also oral presentations) -- the main message is just making sure not to use casual english conversation in a business setting, which makes sense

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1) Not all the time we can put our own perception as the reference for a general perspective. It needs to be verified and proven before it comes to be a generally acceptable notion. In short , "depression" as a topic should not just be treated as springboard for opinionated and contextualized ideas.

"...2) This has to be talked by people who studied and exerted a lot of effort to scientifically decipher what's the concept of depression is all about. Therefore, it calls not for a subjective answer but for a detailed objective explanation coming from EXPERTS. Thoughts?"
I'm all for objectivity. I think it's important to form your own informed opinions, but also remain open to other perspectives, using those to mold an updated version of your own. Remember, we can never see the picture in its entirety, no matter how many pieces of it we glimpse.

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Anyone an identical twin?

the first time i visited my relatives back in china, a lot of their neighbors thought my younger sister and i were twins (and at that point, i was still like a head taller than her okay), but only because of the whole one child policy thing going on (twins were acceptable, apparently)

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Do you think is it acceptable to have crush on someone when you already have your significant other?

depends on your definition of "crush". can you find someone else attractive while you're in a committed relationship? sure. but if you let it linger, gain meaning, and even take precedence, then that's a problem, at the very least for your significant other

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I like Missing You a lot. How you send through the humor in texting is just wow. Thanks for writing! I haven't read all your writings yet but so far it's quite rare for you to write something light like this? So please keep this up :))

I'm glad you like it! Yeah you're right, I took a plunge into the philosophical for quite a while, so it's nice to goof off and write something that doesn't require a lot of introspection xD And considering I've been pretty tired these days, it'll probably be a trend for a bit longer, or at least a more regular switch off between "Missing You"-esque freeforms and the serious stuff

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