Ask @moonzelos:

the Pledis17 blog theme is awesome! I swear! Are you designer or something? I tried to do theme by myself and it went terrible.

the admins of pledis17 really did an awesome job customizing the theme to fit their tastes! i'm not a professional designer no LOL i do go to school for web design tho! aw, keep practicing and don't give up! you might not be satisfied with how your themes turn out now but you'll learn and in the future you'll be great

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Asking to some of the known babyz because I really am curious, where do you feel you would be if you never found k-pop? What hobbies would you have? What kinda of person would you be?

uhhhh idk i don't think i'd be much different? i mean, kpop has opened my eyes a bit more to cultures all over the world n such but i still live my life regularly, kpop is just a music genre i enjoy lol i know i'll still have my hobbies with or without kpop, but ONE thing that would be different about my life without kpop is the people i've met :_) ive met an awesome bunch of people from ALL around the world and when i think about that it's so cool like if i didn't click on some random youtube link i wouldn't know these people exist i wouldn't even be here right now so yeah i'm thankful for that

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