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Isn't it interesting for you and me , when I say "I see horizons within you" ?!

Yes the world is endlessly interesting if you look towards Horizons.

What are you thinking about friendship?

I wish I could befriend every person in the world ofc but life's too short

Was muntert dich auf?

I'm always cheered up, but my favorite things are things that are progressive (a storyline or anything you can progress in).

Welche Person fehlt euch gerade am meisten? ?

Google translate says it means: "Which person is missing you most?"
One's Family is whom misses them most. Family is a treasure.

Kann man dich leicht beleidigen?

Google translate says it means: "Are you easily offended?"
No. If you don't matter to someone you can't offend them, and it's most likely how I'll view that "offending" person.

Why would a guy ask you “what will you do if I nicely propose to you , what will you say ?”

Wtf that's ma job not yours

I wonder if the college trust us, why would they examine us? ?

We got a badass over here askin the real questions

Do you personally agree with "feminism"

taylorgmontgomery’s Profile PhotoTay
I agree with female empowerment (Google Rosie the Riveter) but I believe in equity rather than equality (Also Google Equity vs Equality) in that everyone has a suitable role in life and a Lady should be treated as a Lady and should act like a Lady.

Hi there iv a ques fr u Do you mind to have as a friend even if im very poor and not yet a winner Lots of rich people do really mind ,hope u r nt one of them

On the contrary, rich people lack patience in life and are most likely selfish anyways and therefore ya wouldn't want them as a friend or anywhere near to you to begin with. You have to see the world for what it is to reach greatness. Everyone's a friend if they're Good hearted
You're welcome. Also, try to talk in your native langauge your English needs work but it's alright I can understand you.

بتوافقي تجربي الفلقة مقابل اللي بدك ياه ؟!??

Wtf is wrong with this website... that should be my line ???

ما الشيء الذي يقتل أنوثة المرأة مهما كانت جميلة وجذابة ؟؟؟

طريقة الكلام

مسا الخير مين سهران لندردش احسن من لملل

dardasheh.fm ولا ask.fm هو اسمو

Would you rather be a teenager or a child again?

I'd rather have control over time and space overall not do one thing for one time again

like = dare I'll give you choices : 1 : deactivate ur account for 2 days 2 : post a selfie doing like this simle Xp 3 : like 20 of my answers and ask me 3 questions 4 : ask ur self with untick and answer ur self without putting <<dare>> stay blessed ^^

Oh i love choices bless you, three it is hehe

Ow: 7lw tbh: idk u bs mbyen lziz w 7lw w I like your headline rate: 9.5/10 Wltkb: yes hot or not: hot bf: hair w eyes <33

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Thanks a lot :)) i could say the same <3
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