Ask @morgan8weston:

What can melt your heart?

Who was the last person you gave a kiss?

Explain who you like

Everything is better with him @kknode33

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Which celebrity would you like to be for one day and what would you do?

Steph curry, and I'd hangout with his amazing family... And of coarse ball it up🔥🔥🔥

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Something you hate


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What is your goal in life?

To meet steph curry

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Wyd this weekend

Won duh

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i love you

Well I love steph curry

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Whos 3 funniest ppl u know

I laugh at everything I can not go without laughing for 30 seconds ask @Cookiecook_99 or @kknode33

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What do you like that guys do

When they text you something cute, when they actually care about how you feel. When they aren't afraid to call you theres. when they aren't being weird and maybe hiding something. Girls worry about little things like that and that's why they second guess themselves.

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Coolest person in ur grade

Steph curry #wearblueforsteph

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PAP your favorite outfit!


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Pap and whoever likes it thinks your attractive

Have you ever been on crutches? ..


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Can you post your picture with Ethan?

Yeah but why? Lol

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Do you have a babe?

Wyd rn?

Crying because they won!!! CONGRATS BOYS

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What is your most bizarre talent?

Doesn't matter I wanna give a shoutout to the boys of mc you are doing great. Bring home the gold tomorrow!💙⚾️ @B_Yetts_13 @cole_schlegel @Bodtorf_6 @ConnorCherry07 and all the others!

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Do people look up to you?

I hope so. I mean I know she does. She is probably my favorite little girl ever. Without her i truly don't know if I would crack a smile after making a mistake on the field because I hear "it's okay mojo you can do it". She says everything I say and my aunt says she talks about me a lot. We always play basketball and I always pitch softball to her. She is probably one of my best friends. I love her to death. I wanna be a great role model for her. I want her to grow up and be the best she can be.

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You and @B_Yetts_13 look like twins

Lol we told people that in 6th grade they believed us

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Favorite 5 people on ASKfm ?

@sophie_underhill and the guy that saved us today in the ocean. I'm not kidding we almost died

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