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Am I wrong for walking away from someone who lies to me? Someone who just comes around when they need something done? Someone who devalues me? Like I honestly esteemed you so much… but it wasn’t reciprocated . Now I’m the bad one for walking away?

Do i know you

Is your gf/bf part of your forever plan? 😁

Yeah but she had other plans but that was a few years ago so I'm single

What is money to you?

Security the ability to pay my bills for food on the table it's quite a bit actually never realized until I got older and had a hard time getting it

Am I wrong if I want my boyfriend to get tested for STDs? I know about his whereabouts and who he was with when we were temporarily broken up. We made up, yes but I do not trust him, he ain't touching this until those tests come clean.

Honestly if he's playing around with dirty girls you shouldn't be back with him

What motivates you to work hard?

I don't know I'm an entertainment Rigger i set up concerts i I work hard to be better than the next guy and I enjoy it when the tour manager goes out of his way to greet me when I get there cuz he heard of me

Can you talk to the people directly when you have an issue or. Are you coward and talk or do things in their back

Yes you can see the look on there face when you tell him what they did wrong


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