Ask @morphinetrip:

tell a headcanon about each of the OCs go

1. Takumi did most of his piercings himself. The first one he did was his eyebrow and he only cried for 20 minutes, the big baby.
2. Kamiko can cook pretty well actually, but trusting him enough to eat what he cooks is kind of. :|
3. Amaretto has been driving since he was 15, 3 years before the legal age to drive in Japan. He also has Aspergers. I couldnt decide which to put down so have two for Retto.
4. Ayasato can sing like an 80s rocker. He has the energy and social skill to be a great performer too. Too bad he likes parkour better.
5. Leise drops things a lot. Papers, equipment, boxes, the bass, everything.

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