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Is MTN dew getting too carried away with all the new flavors they are coming out with?

I think it is interesting. I probably wouldn't get to try most of those.

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The things you suffer today, are a result of what you have willfully earned dished unto you

Wonder what I did to suffer ask.fm

What do u prefer , pdf books or paper books ? Whish is better ?!

PDF is good for technical / reference books because it is easily searchable.

Get tf off of social media if you cant handle beef

If you can't handle beef about beef, then it's time to get off ask.fm too.

A female person on ask-fm talks about men over 35 being ugly. She is 22 years old. She only likes young men birth to 25 years old. She is cruel to people who were once boys.

She'll be 35 too one day.

Have you ever preformed any shows/acts for an audience?

Yes, I participated in stage shows with a group of performers a couple of times.

Have you ever broken up with a friend ?

A bunch of times, when they've revealed themselves to have shitty opinions.

If you had to choose between being immortal or dying in one year, which would you choose?

Retirement planning tends to be tricky when one is immortal.


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