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جمعة مباركة 💚 مساحةة🌹

في يوم الجمعة، لا تدمن التفكير لأن الله ولي التدبير، ولا تقلق من المجهول وكل شيء عند الله معلوم، طمئن قلبك المؤمن فأنت في عين الله الحفيظ الذي عطاياه لا تمنعها السدود 🌷🌹

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🍄 If your special person make a super extremely huge terrible mistakes more than once to you. What should they do to get your forgiveness?. I'm sure it wasn't easy at all. So how to get forgiveness from you ?. Write down steps by steps they have to follow.

If his mistakes are many, do not forgive him .. If his first mistake must come and is looking at the ground and to start apologizing sorry.

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