Ask @mrgomes27:

Why does society place such a high value on beauty when it serves no functional purpose?

Because society is full of those who look for outer beauty and discard inner beauty or just take them for granted. For example a boy has 2 female friend one Beautiful(dumb and selfish) and other Average girl (kind and sweet) and, the guy will give attention to beautiful one more, taking her to party and restaurants but whenever he needs help he will go to the average girl and she will help him out, if he had gone to the other girl he wouldn't have get any help. The point is average girl got used by her friends whenever they need them. Taking her for granted.
I think only inner beauty matters because it will become more beautiful as you get more experience in life but outer beauty will get faded as you grow old. A smart but average girl will make your life more beautiful and happy and the life with hot girl will make you a slave. Always look for a smart, caring ,helpful, and intelligent partner who can help u in taking decisions in difficult situation of life.
PS: im nor judging anyone i just pointed out what i think is true in today's society, it's our fault for making outer beauty high value when it serves no purpose.

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