Ask @mrsugar123:

What is more difficult for you; looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when they are telling you how they feel?

That's such a deep thing
N dude it actually depends on WHAT are you telling
If ur confessing something it might be different
If ur cracking a joke it's different
N actually if u blindly trust someone n deeply love them
Constant Eye contact will be there where as talking to a random one might make u uncomfortable n u may not look in the eyes
N may b for me it's not difficult cz i listen keenly n i only speak to those whom i truly love so i look up straight into the eyes in BOTH CASES 😇😇😇

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Likers Get Food Tbh? 🍕 - Wow, You're Perfect! 🍟 - Damn! You're hot! 🍭 - Such A Cuttay! 🍬 - You're a total sweetheart 🍦- You're hilarious. 🍫 - I Love You 🍣 - You're so annoying, stay away! 🍺- We should chill someday 🍩 - I can trust you 🍖 - I miss you so much! 🍰 - You're a close friend.

If i get any
Selective tho but I'll give 2 likes aswell 😇😇

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tbh : you have a couple of good dps with worth liking answers .. a very good guitarist :) as I dont know you much but you seem to be very to the point,reserved as not easily fall in love,mentaly strong,observer, but as you are a virgo and I think they are bit flirty is it?

Hahahaha damn i just loved it all 😍😍😍😍
Btw I don't think Virgos r flirty but yeah I'd say they make best friends
Specially with the opposite genders 😇😇😇
N thank you so much for the TBH 😍😍😅😊😊

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