What gets wetter & wetter the more it dries? #STAIF Arooma ❤

Towel :D

Is invitation main dhamki wali feeling kiu aa rahi hai? :3 @|_|


Dil pagal deewana hai - Yeh pyaar kare ga

Yeh kab darra hai dunya se - Jo ab darrey ga

Yeh pyaar mein dharka hai, Yeh pyaar se dharkey ga

Yeh kab darra hai dunya se - Jo ab darrey ga :D

What do you think about when you're alone? £ife❤

When i am alone i think about, Samunder ki gehrayi ko aur Apni Razayi ko :P

What is your way of getting serious conversation with someone you are interested with? Goodnight sweetie ❤ Cassandra Marco Rodeo

Mostly i talk to them about Religion or Politics :)

Post somethIng Cute <3 Muffin Laiba ♡☆

Cute n adorable

What song that breaks your heart whenever you listen to it?

Longing "Tere bin nai lagda dil mera" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Michael Brook

Have you ever gone snorkeling? If so, where? And, did you enjoy becoming one with the aquatic life? :P Justine Coolioness

No Justine never ever... :/

Have you ever played on a pinball machine? (virtual, real, or both?) :) Justine Coolioness

Yes... i played virtually on Windows XP :D

#Beauty Of Your #City Is...? #STAIF CHIPKU ⚡

City is a blend of modern n ancient history but this mosque is favorite.

Do you dress according to your mood?

Well never think about this mostly depend on the choice but not on mood :)

Hahahaha that's not a bad one pretty similar to my whites :p Lamis Ali

Yes.. lol i am some kind of anti social :p

What are YOUR black lies :p Lamis Ali

Same as white lies, on call mostly i say to people "i am not at home" :)

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? @|_|

Like a statue 😛😂

#Relative to you : Itna sharma q Rahe Ho Tb Ap Kia Soch Rhe Hote Ha? #STAIF CHIPKU ⚡

Us time banda sharma raha hota hai, yaar.. sochna kya hai, Akhir banday mein bhi Koi sharam hoti hai , Koi haya hoti hai :D

if money is made of paper , Doesn't that mean money grows on trees ?#STAIF Nazish Iqbal ☠

Lol if money grew on trees 🌴🌴 Girls would date monkeys 🐒🐵? 😛

Make an anagram out of your name!

Lol i think its impossible to make...



Fml moment...? 😝✌ (Staif)

Lost the internet connection.... ;)

Sadness for you is..? (Staif)

Stop thinking so much. You’re only making yourself sad. :/

Are you watching PSL? Who are you with? MEHTAB KHAN MEHSOOD

Yes watching, but i am with who won the match :D

whts the first thing u notice when u meet someone?; STAIF Em Bc(bhut cute)

Mostly i think "what an item he/she is :D lol mostly their voice tone or behavior.

Have you ever personally witnessed a riot/protest? If so, was it for a cause that you personally agreed with and joined in? If not, is there anything that you would ‘like’ to protest about, that deems importance to you? Justine Coolioness

Yes, I observe every day some kind of protests, because there is a Press club b/w house and office lol but never join or take part in them, coz zero result of them.

you are good command of English Why do you just working in post office not working in English related business

I hate teaching i don't know why, but English is an essential part of every department here in Pakistan. also unemployment ratio is higher in country, so it's better to do a job rather than no job. :)

How old are you?

old enough, just an inch away to death :D

My father come from Portugal:-)

Ahan... good to know :)


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