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Can you say something nice? I need motivation.

emember that time when you were selfish all the way and then someone you loved died?
It made you stay longer with people you love.
Remember that time when you were healthy and then all of a sudden it wasn't there by an accident or a disease?
It made you grateful about ' normal '
things you never noticed.
Remember that time you were alone because someone left you?
It made you appreciate the ones who always stay.
Remember that failure that made you believe it is the end of you.
It made you believe you are strong enough to pass anything.
I know it's clichè to say: What doesn't kill you make you stronger.
I'd say: What breaks you, makes you more human.

the more you care the more you loose

halalvodka_’s Profile PhotoRuined Mascara
Let every feeling you get takes its time.
Stop suppressing or ignoring what keeps you awake at night.
When you feel sadness, don't try to escape. Live the sadness. Cry until you feel better.
Sleep until you feel full of energy again.
When you get happy, laugh out loud.
Don't try to hide it because it's not time. Who sets the right time anyways?
It's you.
Afterall, let your feelings out.
The unknown heaviness and the reasonless sadness would go away.

Not having the urge to defend or explain yourself is the real peace.

halalvodka_’s Profile PhotoRuined Mascara
Suffering is like an ocean and you have just cross that , You can’t go back and change the beginning ,but in the meanwhile ,
You were learning that people leave even if they promise they won’t .
You were learning that some things don’t happen so better things are planned .
You were learning to fight your own battles.
You learnt to look at the good things , instead of the bad things .

when u stop wanting it, it immediately comes to u

halalvodka_’s Profile PhotoRuined Mascara
We all act to let the day pass , we may fake a smile to let a situation end smoothly
We may act fine so people won’t ask us if we are okay.
We always have some roles in our daily lives . The strong one,the careless , the one who never notice the bad little things, the one who have to be nice and friendly . The smily face !
So when you meet you don’t have to act with
When you meet someone you can be yourself with
Hold on them , hold on tightly


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