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I saw dope girl's roaming around with some weird guy's, I don't know what they find attractive in them and how they manage to be in a friend circle with them? like really man I'm a good guy still thriving for a good hookup

Allah yeh waly maslay ham sb ko dy amen.

3 steps to make your life hell?

Overthink on weird stuff
Question your credibility n start self loathing
Start thinking that you are a failure n you can’t do shit. Voila

Saw my selfies and full pictures and I can't 🤮. In a world full of awesomeness itna ugly flaws. Its difficult to go through everyday with this face to meet ppl what's the point of living eating and breathing with no personality or personal talent

Yaar itni bhi gandi shakal ni hoge i can bet on that

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Alhamdullilah mera sabar ka record ye he k Mene 5 saal shohar k hote hue shohar k baghair guzare or kisi ko na apne aap ko Dikhawa or na hi kisi ko dekha na kabhi kisi se baat karne ki koshish kari kiunke mere zehn men hamesha se poora poora wafadaari nibhana tha ! Jabke wo insaan ......

Woh insaan kya?


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