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What has life taught you yet?

Bilal Thakurr
Firstly , We should not trust anyone , Secondly , If you'll give respect to others then only they will get respect , Aur over confident nhi hona chahiyey kissi girl ka attitude nhi sehna chahiyey ! Because There are many girls ! Relationships waghera may time waste nhi krna chahiye ! 24 hours me se 18 hours mobile may nhi lagay rehna chahiyey! Because us waqt touh you will enjoy but then you'll cry in your Future And if you work hard now then you will be successful in your future and will enjoy your life ! Time waste nhi krna chahiyey Time ko use krna chahiyey ! Should not be so courteous in this world that You Forget Your Religion And don't be so religious that you forget about what's just happening in the world You should take them both together to be successful ! Its a small teaching that life have taught me !

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