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Most of boys these days are adopting girls fashion, it's getting so common? Whyyy?

aqsawasif104’s Profile PhotoAqsayyy
Because time pe shadiyan nai ho rahi ar jabh halal cheez muskhil hojaye gye tw haram khud ba khud phelna start hojaye ga. Although yae kam wahi karty hai jinko arzi satisfaction chaye, real beauty is in nikkah but aj kal demands itny hai 30 saal tw khud ko set karny main lag jatt hai

Name any action and thriller movie 🍿

ZeeshanAwan830’s Profile PhotoEquilibrium ⇌
Extraction part 1-2, John wick chapter 1-4, The Equaliser part 1 and 2, Xxx, James bound all part, Mission impossible part 1-6, The kingsman part 1-2, I saw the devil Old boy, The parasite, Spring summer winter autumn spring, The wailing, shutter island, prisoners, seven, night crawler, the zodiac,

Don't you think concept of love is just overrated? we're not here to just make love. What's your take?

Arooshaa_4’s Profile PhotoAroosha
Love is nothing but a exchange of bodies wealths and mental peace. True is like dinasour it doesn't exist anymore

Imagine you're alone in a dark forest, and you hear whispers all around you. What would be your next move?

mincena’s Profile Photomaria♡
Wtf I'm doing in the dark forest ist of all???? And If I'm there and should prepared for the consequences

Define real love!

Arooshaa_4’s Profile PhotoAroosha
Sometimes i really miss her but there is nothing i can do. i guess the real is about being patient and keep believing i miss my Roro ❤️ what a beautiful days we had
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