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At some point in your life, you will realize that the real winner is not the person who is called a “winner”..

just_stranger_’s Profile Photoمريم
Nallaiq banda ye kehta hai k
"Nakami kamyabi ka zeena hai" 😂
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Ab wo pehlay jesi baat nai rahi🍂

halalvodka_’s Profile PhotoM.
Jb apka hakeem jwb day jae:
Mehboob mjh say ab wo pehli c muhabbat na mang
K hum men ab wo bat na rahi 😂

I've read some of your answers n your answers are also really good ,cool ,funny Overall, I think you are a handsome, witty, and brilliant individual. From my perspective, you are truly impressive!😍😊

Hoorain_86861’s Profile PhotoHoorain_Shah
And i think u judge people really well. 😂😁❄

Tbh=I just wanted to say from what I've noticed I don't know u well but your personality is truly incredible I just wanted to let you know that your fourth profile picture looks really good.I believe you look incredibly attractive in that picture Black suits you exceptionally well.i've read some of

Hoorain_86861’s Profile PhotoHoorain_Shah
Thanku so much Hoorain means alot 😍💙


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