Ask @muneebahsan444:

Are cyber friendships real?

Haha no. Most people on the internet have a fabricated not so real image of theirs which we, in easy words, call fake, which is pretty much very attractive.
So what happens is as one gains interest and unwraps it, the third wall breaks and all of the sudden all the glam and shot is gone with them. Just a clingy person left which is not up for the grab anymore.

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Share more songs I like your song taste!

I've a very unconventional and absurd taste in music but sure,
Tears In Heaven- Eric Clapton.
Please stay- Tatiana Jane (Cover)
Don't look back in anger- Oasis.
Wish you were here- PinkFloyd.
Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley.
Sound of silence- Simon and Garfunkel.
Fix you- Coldplay.
Hypnotised- Coldplay
Yesterday- The Beatles.
I will remember you- Sarah McLachlan.

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