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Hi, what is Murphy Ben International?

Timothy Collins
We are a media company in Africa

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Hi, I'm wondering, what does your company do?

We are a media productions company in Nigeria

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Do you have any tips to those trying to start their own business, particularly an online business?

Have some money saved up, do tons of networking and be very convincing. Go to as many conferences as possible. Get to know the people in your industry/space.

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What was the best thing you ever found on the street?

A functional umbrella when it was raining out

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What is your favorite way of wasting time?

I am at an age where time is so precious that I don't like to say 'wasting time'. It is a resource which cannot be bought or had in excess. But my favourite thing to do in the world is be with family. Just do anything with them.

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How important is it for you to have a lot of money?

It is important to have money but what is the use of making so much of it?

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What's one thing you think everyone should do every day?

Make time for themselves to think about their day and where they would like to be in the short and long run. Even have time to meditate and do some kind of exercise.

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What color socks are you wearing right now?

Black socks

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What is your all-time favorite song?

Thriller by Michael Jackson

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Hi, what is the biggest challenge for you this year?

Sandra Ashanti
I would have to say running a business. It is constant work and even when I want to unplug, I still keep thinking about what needs to get done.

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