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“What happened”

Many months had passed before I even though about ask. Sorry.
>finally arrive as a starry-eyed moosal
>worked hard as a moosal barista
>wake at 4 am, falling out of bed
>class at the big no horn place
>study if I’m not working until 3am
>grades slip
>late for work
>food isn’t necessary till midweek or so
>study harder
>grades fall further
>for sure I’m not gonna make it
>I don’t wake up anymore
>I don’t go to work anymore
>spend the last few days packing, eating, drinking and smoking
>left for my herd without another word.
>couldn’t look at a harem horn
>wanted to drink but herd stuff
>can barely pick up a pen without putting it back down to play games
>found a nice job for the herd
>stopped smoking
>stuck on the drinking part
>pessimistic but I’m still musclehorn
>still feel taunted but what can I do, work off lost nohorn paper and improvise from there.
It’s getting better, thank you
All for being around. Happy norhorn New Years.

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Who do you look up too

(1/2)Authors, artists, and other Nohorns.
That wording is abit.. not sure, doesn't sound well, so, ill say this!!! .... uh, I don't care for a following. I only found this device, typed my experiences from a MuscleHorns perspective and became an artist, my **only** goal is to impress those I admire. Numbers aren't EVERYTHING , even I know that.

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