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Tag your funny friends ?

Rana Saud Mehdi
@ranaroger ❣🎃
who else I could tag today ? ✋
happy birthday dude !😘❤ 🎂🎉🎊
you have been such a pyaara Ladka to me☻❤😂 funny to tum ho he .. lekin samjhdar bhi😭 or kisi ne dekha hoga wo samjhdar roger? I don't think so😏 I'm lucky n I know it.. 🙄khuda kare tumhri biwi tumhe jaldi miljaye...Lodsoflove❤
Yayayaya you boys don't like this much of long paragraphs so finally happy birthday again n yaha pe yeh last wish😏❤ let me show of ki mein sirf bezati nhi karti tumhri....after all how I can forget tumhri good qualities with kamina behavior....😹❤ keep singing keep smiling keep sketching..Stay blessed humesha😘❤🎉🎊🎉🎊
Happpppyyyyy birthday you funny Boy🙄❤☻ 🎉🎊🎉🎈
OK bye 😅

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2 Facts about you!!! #STAIF...😉😉

ع سے علی ۔
She can do anything like any damn thing for her Besties 💜❤
Like seriously you asked for only two facts I can write a whole book on her 😻😘
She'll do unlimited efforts to make you smile , to make you happiest 😻😘
She's the best advisor like anyone can have ❤💜
She's the most loveable & caring person on earth 😘😻❤
- @iitsramsha

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Dear best friend 👻👭
Am so thankfull to you taht you came back to my life 👭❤..& now it's like no matter is complete without sharing it to you 💜 am lucky having you my soul mate. 💙 Not everyone gets a sister like you .😍😻....
Jo sirf kehene ke liye close ho Hum unme se ni h oh pliss ..... and so I'll showoff how awsome we both are😂
those madness & craziness sharing bond trust sirf mujhy jese lucky people ko he milskta 💛 words aren't enough to express my wishes for you
Remember? How it started with a ""hy tum woi fb wali musjas hona?:" lol & then I got the best girl ... one who became such a beautiful and best part thankyou babie for evrything . Stay happy I can't ever imagine you being hurt or upset for anyone as no one has rights to kidnap you smile ok? After all your smile is my favourite one 💛
Calls voice notes crazy videos lol ... sharing evrything like seriously? Hahahahhaha
Happy birthday and stay the same always
Our kind of friendship is goals for other fellas bebie ❤
IloveyousoooooveryMuchLikealotRamshayyyyyy ♡♡♡
God bless you jaan 🙈 @iitsramsha
-------------》》》》》 Teri musky

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THOUGHT ON @ranaroger ??

Rana Mehdi
Dear Jaanu @ranaroger 💕😂 dil pe zarooor lena👅
ek baar dekho 😍👀
Baar baar dekho 😍hazar baar dekho😢
Ke dekhne ki chiz hai ,humara dilaruba😘
Gaali Do,😑 taali ho,👏 Gaali Do😑
Iske dimples 😍 @ranaroger I wounder if I slap-zone you tumhre dimples cheeks mein mil jayenge na😭😭😭💔
kitna mazakiya banada h ye :')
esa lagta h mazak mazak meine ek din iska khoon krdena hai.
your BiraDar. Is way too sexy.
._. excusme? esa isko lagta h ok?
😂 expressions wala . Kasam se full nautanki h 😽😽😽 @iitsramsha MERI JAAN TU BHI FAIL H ISKE SAMNEY
Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal ata hai .... ata hai or fir chala jata h .
Ps- khayal b apne khayal mein iske bare m ni sochta😕
Awwww* Roger your videos awwww rana ke dimples ladkiya toh iski jabri fan hai
Meri sari bhabhiyo ko ek big virtual salaaaam🙋✋
@MehdiKhann tumney views mangey 😂 ab kya batau dil kya kya keheta iske bare mei chalo choro tumhre bhai ko SADDMAAA LAG JAYEGA😭💔 MERE DOST KO ESE TADPANA NI MENE 😂
bs aj ke liye itna kafi. xD
xD Tareef To be Continued......

View more T= you are my lifeline😻 W= we should meet please 😍😂 E= yes yes 😘 R= 10/10 K= hug and flying kisses Toh milti rehti Tujhey lol 😂😍💜

ask fm walo? do u know yeh itni tareef kyu kar rahi h ? 😂 isney mera Ristha karwana hai .... taki mein forever PAK mei rehene ajau😂👅 so sweet of you janu
Acha ok 😂 zyda hogya
ain't we bff goals? 💃
* Iiiiishhhhhh *💋
like karti ho?😂 love ni?
yaya ik ik tumhe milke Mujhey mere sasural le jana h ? ❤🔫
okhy Love you more 💯

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Hahahah Damn you are love 😘😘😻😻😻

okhy ! I missed yah😶❤
babie without you my days are so incomplete 😒
we never finish our gossips & those serious discussions 😭😐
😷 Sharing every silly & major problem / happiness....
lol have I found my soul mate? 😼
excusme? leh'mee kidnap you 💋I promise to share chocolates & pizza & our crush celebrities 😂🙈😶❤

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