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Favourite Band/artist?

I swear i am going to kill you if you ask me questions at 2 am in the early fokin morning. This is the third consecutive day. Everday i am getting questions like these-
"People you hate"
"Sports you play"
"food you eat"
"clothes you wear"
"bands you like"
"people you like"
Like seriously why the fuck do you even care about my likes or dislikes. You arent my girlfriend. So stop acting like one. And if you want to ask these, 2 am is not the right time son. How jobless are you?

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Stop smoking cheap w33d bro.

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So yesterday I was going to the convenience store aka bakhala with my earphones in. Suddenly a cycle stopped infront of me and guess what, it was my quraan teacher aka molvisahab. I threw my earphones on the ground and because i had nothing to say to him i just kept smiling, for a continuous 5 minutes. After that he gave me this look and went. God, it was soo awkward.

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Damn!! What a game by barcelona. Never expected to lose 4 nil. Anyway.
Brave did a great job. Qassim was unbelievable. The 2 goals qassim scored were fantastic. What a finish from iniesta.
Ronaldo toh, 3 chances.😥
Fml now, I am in depression. 4 nil omg omg. 😭😭😫😒

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