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Think about it 🌚

civilized488’s Profile PhotoQASIM
Thinking is boring. If you want spice in life and live in your fantasy and imagination and wants to experience worst and best case scenarios, overthink. Side effects include depression, anxiety, might suffer from hallucinations as well, also could d!e early as it usually leads to su!c!de but who cares!!! It's worth a shot trust me.
Ok bye, gotta jump now

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Whats your favouriteeee novel?

romahaider1616’s Profile PhotoRameeeennn
From blood and ash series. (not completed)
It ends with us.
Too late.
Heart bones. (Rest few other novels of CoHo are way too ideal)
The silent patient.
The maidens. (Must read)
Harry Potter obviously.
Angel and demons.
Deception point
The DaVinci code.
The lost symbol.
The devils half mile.
Keep you close.
Defy the stars series.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
The girl on the train. ( End is fun)
The fault in our stars.
Let it snow.
Blood men.
Book of a thousand days.
The bone season.
16th seduction. (It's kinda series too but I've read this only)
••• I'm terrible at choosing favourites•••

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