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u said u and your boyfriend have a cute story. what is it? :)

Well we'd both just started uni, and he lived in the same flat as me, his room was diagonal to mine. We didn't really talk much the first few days, just general chit chat if we were in the kitchen together etc. But then one night in freshers week, we both can't really remember what happened but we went to get pizza (drunkenly) together and after that night we just became really close. He was literally my best friend for the first couple of months at uni, we had constant dmcs, and were so comfortable around each other and spent pretty much every minute together. At the time though, I did have a boyfriend from before I started uni, wasn't a serious relationship. But I kind of realised that we weren't working out, and weren't ever going to as we were just too different, and I'd started having feelings towards James (not knowing that he actually had liked me too for ages!). So I broke up with my boyfriend at the time, and was single for a couple of weeks until I went home for the weekend, and when I came back to uni, James picked me up from the bus stop and asked me out that night. Apparently when I was away, he'd realised how much he liked me and had really missed me, aw :) I fell in love with my best friend, and that was how we started hehe.

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Do you agree in abortion?

It depends, it's a bit of a difficult topic really.
I think it depends on the circumstances, if it's genuine carelessness of the parents, or any situation where it wouldn't be fair on the child to be brought into the world, then abortion may be the best thing.
But obviously if people are just using abortion as a result of them purposely not using contraception etc, then no abortion should not be a "solution".

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