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who did you go to the legacy walk with? :)

I went with my family :)

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When u say heavy accent dp you mean a heavy eng accent or chinese accent haha?

Heavy english accent D:

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Do your grandparents live close to you? That's so good if they do! So most of your family are in Aust. then?

My grandparents live fairly close to me! It's only my grandparents and Lyn's family that are in Australia from my dad's side and most of my family on mum's side lives in China.

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Do you own a trefoil logo hoodie in black by Adidas originals? I wanted one but sold out online :(

Noope, I do not own one..

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Is lyn's nationality, mainland Chinese as well?

Yep! Mainland :)

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When do you usually start studying for EOS exams?

I start studying when SWOTVAC starts but most of the subjects I study have continuous assessment each week to help us keep up with the content we cover each week.

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aileen, can you break down what you eat in a typical day please? :)

Breakfast: I'd usually eat muesli/granola with yoghurt and fruit, or toast with something or other on top.
Lunch: Something along the lines of sandwiches/sushi/rice paper rolls or I'd just eat small snacks throughout the day like fruits, nuts or crackers.
Dinner: Whatever I or my parents make (or my grandparents make if we go to their house to eat).

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your skin and hair are glowing!!


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Who are the chefs that make the food at passion tree eg the eclairs and cheesecakes etc since there are more stores now?

Will you know them if I told you? ;)

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Can you speak chinese?! Can you do a video response of you speaking mandarin?

I can speak Mandarin but I apparently have a really heavy accent when I speak it

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hi aileen! any advice on how to start getting healthier? :) i see from your IG that you're pretty healthy. thanks!!!

I think I've just gone a bit off the rails with being healthy lately :(
I've noticed how important it is to surround yourself with healthy motivation like following health accounts, looking at recipes, reading articles etc. to educate yourself and know a bit more about what it takes to be 'healthy'. Be careful of what you eat, put in your body, how much exercise you should do.

Another advice would be to create and stick to a daily/weekly routine! I found that's probably one of the more important factors when it comes to being healthy otherwise you'll just end up eating whenever (even when you don't need to...)

I should really start following my own advice... HAHA

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Makeup routine?! What eyeliner/foundation/concealer would you recommend? Sorry if this is annoying, you don't have to answer it!

On a typical uni day, I just moisturise my face (currently using: Aesop - Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream) and apply eyeliner (Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner/Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner).

Otherwise for a full make up routine I currently use:
Moisturiser (Aesop - Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream)
Primer (Hourglass Veil)
Foundation & Concealer (Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer)
Bronzer (Rimmel Natural Bronzer)
Mascara (Hourglass)
Eyeliner (Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner)

Personally, I prefer the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation! That one ran out of stock nation wide when I needed new foundation so I the lady recommended my to try Stila.

As for concealer, I'm not too fussy, as long as they cover my dark circles. '

I've used a few different eyeliners, but in all honesty, I really like Maybelline's Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner! It's just that I've been so accustomed to using the brush and everything since high school and I've always got one with me just in case. :)

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how did you decide who to inivte? btw you're so gorgeous

I already had an idea of who to invite since I follow quite a few inspirational bloggers/Instagrammers.
I looked through a lot of food blogging accounts on Instagram and through their blogs and decided based on their feed, audience and vibe from their social media :)

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which uni ball are you thinking of attending this year? :)

Maybe the EUS or CHESS ball :)

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Hi! How much are the macaroons at passiontree being sold for in sydney and what flavours would you recommend?

They're $3 and I would recommend Jasmine, Salted Caramel and Earl Grey (they're my favourites) heehe

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Do you and your brother look alike?

I don't think we do and I don't think many others think we look alike either 😂

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Is lyn one of your best friends?

She's my cousin aahaha

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are tutorials not compulsory at QLD unis ? if they are, how does Josh manage?

Some courses don't have compulsory tutorials!
Josh is only doing part-time uni this semester so he chose courses that didn't include compulsory tutorials and minimal group work. He does most of his study online :)

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how are you affording all this travel to sydney and places :(

I worked a lot last year so pretty much all of that money was used for travelling alongside with some donations from my parents.

As for my most recent trip to Sydney, it was for work purposes so my flights were paid under company expenses.

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Lyn spent $1200?!?! Where does she get the money to spend all that on one thing?

;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

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OOH thats a pretty good price for such gorgeous eclairs. thanks aileen!

omg the eclairs look divine!! how much are they :) i want to it open? so many questions ahahah

The eclairs taste divine too! They are currently only being sold at Velvet in Macquarie Centre which opened last Monday for $8.50 :)

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sorry to ask! but could you ask Lyn how much her trio was? i'm going to Sydney in a week with family and mum said i could pick something there as my 18th bday present, so i wanted to know about the price. but there's nowhere online that I could find it. Thank you so much !!

~ $1200 but she says to go for the micro because you can't fit much in the Celine

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do you have a link to your background by any chance? i just really like the photo haha ^_^ fenks aileen!

I found it on Tumblr a few years ago now that I think of it SORRY :'(

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how did you host the tea party? :) looks great

I emailed everyone I wanted to invite and attached an invitation in which they had to RSVP to. I had to organise the date, time, who, what I wanted to present them etcetc. and everything worked out pretty smoothly!

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