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evanescence plz ? and maybe dead by april if you can and metallica and breaking benjamin and RED and skillet thats it lol plz it would be soooooooooooooo soooooooo cool

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wikipedia? huh ): how? i wanted background about swag what is this ): and how can i help u (:

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Well, there are many meanings for "swag". Do you mean the british Reality Show? Or the promotional items given away at trade fairs and events? Or the Special Warfare Group, from Phillipines? Or maybe you are talking about the slang for stolen goods?
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Im trying to download.very new to this.how do i put it on my wallpaper shared computer

For Windows Users:
Once the image has fully loaded...
Right-click on the image above.
A pull-down menu window will appear and select Set As Wallpaper
Your selected image should now appear as your dekstop wallpaper.
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