Ask @mynamewasmangle:

Do you know people with whom you want to improve contact, but can't?Why can't you?Who are these people?

Yup. I know people from online who i would like to talk to more or talk to period. People who some of you may know is Jack Stauber Ella Hollywood ClancyPasta and a lot of other youtube celeberities that i think are really interesting to think about talking to. Some people are the ones ive let down and lost to time. So many regrets and apologies left unspoken. I want to fix what i broke with everyone but thats unrealistic so keep calm carry on right?

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What is a fun fact that you would like to share for no apparent reason what so ever?

When i was three i had an asthma attack that almost killed me and while i was in the hospital i got a stuffed animal tabby cat. I was three and of course i was incoherent from lack of oxygen in my blood and also drugs and so i saw it and kept saying "kitty boo boo, kitty boo boo". The nurses put a band aid on 'kitty boo boo's arm and the name stuck. I still sleep with him most nights cause i have nightmares alot and cuddling him makes me feel better.

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do u know why PewDiePie was again accused of racism?

Cause the media and news outlets like to tarnish his reputation. They are just twisting his words and purposefully taking it out of context. It happens when you get to being the biggest and best. Everyone does it to musicians and politicians and public speakers. You get enough positsive attention youll get negative attention also.

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