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Suggest any good novel , except PEER E KAMIL, NAMAL, and MUSHIF , already read..

Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsiya
Udaas Naslain by ABDULLAH Hussain
Aag Ka Darya by Qurrat-Ul-Eain Haider
Aangan by Khadija Mastoor
Bano by Razia Butt
Shehr-E-Zaat by Umaira Ahmad
Umrao Jaan Adaa by Mirza Haadi Ruswa
One of the best I've read...

What's your favorite dialogue from a movie or a novel??

Question_markk’s Profile PhotoHareem
"You're a gift given to the world through a predestination paradox.You're the only one, free from history, ancestry."
Predestination (2014).
From one of the best movies I've ever watched.
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How do you like to spend your free time?🤔

I read, write, think, smile, soliloquy, recall the good moments and sometimes watch a good movie, TV show and documentaries... That's pretty much it ...😌

Muhabbat agar waqai sachi hoti hai tu ghareeb or bad Surat se kyun nhi hoti??👀 #fact

Ayesha0a’s Profile PhotoAyesha0a
Kyun ke, hum ne mohabbat ko sirf kitaab main parha ya TV pe daikha hai... Real life incidents bohat kam hain.
Doosri baat ye ke humain Eros, Pragma, Philia, Mania, Agape main farq ka pata nahi, hum in sab ko ek hi emotional aptitude pe test kartay hain (unconsciously).
Teesri baat, jis society main materialism itna zyada hoga wahaan pe mohabbat ka koi kaam nahi rehta... apne ird gird daikhna, bohat common hai...

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I've died everyday waiting for you...

Darling, don't be afraid. I've loved you for a thousand years... I'll love for a thousand more...

Is it necessary for a girl to be pretty? What if she's not? Is that a deal breaker?

Not at all.
I think, being pretty and being sweet are two different things. It depends on the person, whether he/she prefers pretty or sweet "prefix". It's simple this way...

I left everything for him and in the end he said what have you done for me? 😶

The most common complaint, raving, sometimes yapping...
I really don't get it, i mean, she's your to-be "something" not your mother. What do ya want from her?
Same goes the other way round.
I firmly believe, that one shan't be emotionally invested this way. Really
As long as any relationship isn't built on "foundation"? I'm sorry, it will happen... Again and Again and Forever... This is the way, World works.

why parents are the worst when you tell them they're wrong

I won't say "worst".
Thing is, sometimes they are scared of their children all grown up. They can't/won't accept the fact. Sometimes they are a little insecure, which is no doubt most common in our society. Some rare cases, they are egoistic. Now that's a dangerous and painful sight to gaze upon.

Can guys marry the girls who are older than them?

Marriage isn't/wasn't about age really... A guy can marry an older girl, a girl can do the same. There are no rules, laws or restrictions in it. If you want it, go for it.

Do you like to be touched?

Not really.
Stranger thing, i feel peaceful when my mother touches me... Couldn't really figure it out. But, I'm lucky...

Can someone gift me a gun

Yeah sure,
Anytime you say, I'll send it over to you... Just got new few days back... Brand new, not even slightly used.
Gimme the address and I'll take the rest...
God, I love my water gun 🌊🔫...

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