Ask @mysticalpha:

Maybe i'm just biased because I like your art style, but do you ever feel like you undercharge for commissions?

All the time. If I do a good 1 char picture at my current price, I estimate it'll be around minimum wage. Of course, at my current prices, I don't see a lot of ppl knocking at my door.

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what are your ideas for the future (more ponies or more other things/ NSFW or SFW / comissions or patreon)

I have a few big plans for the future which involves comics. Ponies will continue until further notice. I want to get back to furries and other non pony stuff for variety. Everything is slow going since I have to deal with Patreon and commissions which is a significant part of my income.

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Can you tell me more about your comissions? what was the most expensivest or the difficultiest to draw/to get information from the comissioner etc the longest time to draw

Obviously, the pictures that look like a pain in the ass to draw took the longest and costed more such as comics and pictures with a lot of detail. Some times, commissioners fail to communicate or volunteer the necessary information making things difficult and costing both of us time and effort. It doesn't matter how big or small the commission is when this happens. Some even change their mind or idea one too many times which is a bright red flag warning to pull out of that commission.

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