Ask @n11shake:

What's your favorite top 3 subjects from high school or college?

In university I could choose my own modules! Made learning so much more fun!
1) Deviant behaviour at workplaces
2) Disneyland and its wonder
3) Korean Literature
Honesty I feel I'm such a Arts person. I'm REALLY good at essay writing - always got an "A" grade in university for it. And I love learning about social affairs and understanding people. So quite cool :)

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Having been challenged by Bella to ask 3 questions, here they are: 🏔 Have you ever walked up a hill backwards? 🚞 Has another passenger ever fallen asleep on your shoulder while you’re on public transport? 👶🏽 What kind of thing spoiled your day most as a child?

1. Maybe part of it. I like walking backwards haha
2. I think so. Was awkward :/
3. When Barney came on TV! I HATED barney - terrified me hahaha

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what is the strangest dream you've ever had? 😴💭💤

I had a strange dream today. It had elements of biryani/ghost/work/car. Haha
Basically I was in my office. Everyone is working on level 2. I'm the ONLY one at level 4. It's okay when it's day, but gets creepy by 5.30pm. So usually I would leave office by 5.20pm. And for lunch I would eat biryani.
Then it was my last day of work, and I had to clean by desk and drive myself home of something. So I was all alone and was cleaning and it was getting so dark and creepy - around 6pm. Then I woke up :)))

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