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How often (If ever) does it happen that you enter a "flow-state"? Like when you're so focused on a task you almost forget to eat etc. Do you remember what you were doing last time that happened? ✏️⌨️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Food is vvv impt haha don't skip meals lately. At most I'll grab a snack.
I get the nerves when presenting you know but lately since I'm the only person in-charge I somehow forget to be nervous and come off as such a natural speaker. It amazes me sometimes. Love it though :D

what does being a wife means to you?

Hmmm someone who keeps her partner happy. Honestly it's a combination of all the roles a person can play - friend, lover, housekeeper, financial adviser.
Hahaha and I would expect the same from my partner.

would it bother you if your bf loves you alot but does not treat you as a trophy wife as in proud to show off to his friends/family

If that's been his personality since the start then not really.. his life his choice.

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How good are you at choosing clothes depending on the weather? Maybe you have a story of when you got caught unprepared in a rainstorm etc.? 🧥⛈️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Coming from a country where seasons don't really exist I regretted my outfit once when i was overseas. It was an outdoor concert and I just had 1 lame jacket on - I DIED FREEZING.
Also if you live in Singapore and don't carry an umbrella in a bag - you're asking to be drenched. The rain here is pretty unpredictable.

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how do you deal with a narcissist?

I like to think that I'm very good at reading/observing people. I also think that I have not come across any narcissistic soul. There are people who only think about themselves - but I kinda accept them for who they are and automatically don't expect much you know?
So idk maybe instead of us calling other people narcissistic, we can try to understand people and try to predict their behaviour so it doesn't come off negatively to us.
And like if you know something annoys you, it's your responsibility to stay away from them.

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If you could spend 24 hours as the other gender, what would you do first?

Flex those arm muscles!! :D I love arms gosh HAHA

If your are officially attached,will you be a detactive to your patner?

Not really. I'm actually a very chill/cool gf/wifey. I do think partners play a huge role in making you feel secure in a r/s. So just go with the flow and try not to be a control freak.
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Have you thought of cursing someone you dislike to make yourself feel confident?

Naa. I usually imagine a red button. The moment I press it they are gone *poof*
Out of mind, out of sight? :D

What's something you're tired of explaining to people? 🙄 (Inspired by how everyone comes up and asks me for a picture at events despite carrying an obvious video rig hehe...)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
In general I do not like when someone asks me 3 qns in a row... i HATE explaining myself.
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Biggest Congratulations ! _ _ _ _ on your Wedding . . . . (When was The Day?) ~ Did you go somewhere extra special ? _ _ _ (can't do links ; don't use the app.)

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
Hehe thank you!! It was last December in 2023! Hehe.
No where special but I managed to go to India and Indonesia :D Hehe
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do you think feminism has ruined the purpose of marriage?

I work - I do the dishes. He works - he cooks.
It has not. In fact it's made it more bearable. There is so much work around the house - I can't imagine doing it all alone like in my mum's era. She did EVERYTHING byself.
I strongly believe as a couple you need to split the responsibilities. Don't have the concept of "head". Be equals in every aspect.
do you think feminism has ruined the purpose of marriage

how much do you feel you need to earn to live a comfortable life here

Money will never be enough tbh. I can't estimate how much having a baby is gonna cost me - are babies really expensive to have? Hahaha help.
Honestly the yearly increment at work is definitely not enough. Inflation is crazy nowadays.
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How sensitive are you to sound when trying to sleep? Do you do anything to block it out? 😴👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not that sensitive i think. Not a fussy sleeper. Girl just wants a good rest at night :D
But at times i would wake up if the fan is too fast or the light from outside my windows is too bright. But again I have the amazing talent to go back to sleep within seconds :D

Is it worth it getting your own bike or car? Since COE keeps rising.

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
I would say yes/no. If you are really gonna heavily use the car then go for it. But honestly the traffic at peak hours is so bad - like mrt is much better.
I'll say car sharing is better like get co. Go for that instead?

how happy are you with your life right now, and what would make your life better

Oh tbh I'm actually very happy. Allamdulliah. Work makes me go crazy at times but personal life no issues as at. Just grateful. I will get random bursts of anxiety thinking about next year but apart from that pretty much good hehe.

Like most people, you probably think you are the greatest person alive, so what do you think makes you likeable or a great friend to have?

I am amazed by how many people think they are NOT great. Like you are awesome!!!
Ok to boast about myself - I think I'm just very candid. People, especially introverts have told me that I'm a very approachable soul. It's kinda heart warming to hear that :') Honestly it all starts with a genuine smile hehe.


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