Ask @n11shake:

What is your favourite home remedy for headaches? I'm just now recovering from a pretty bad one that started yesterday. I know some of you deal (or have dealt) with with much worse pain than that, though, so I'm hoping you'll have some advice.

Oh no :/ Hope you're feeling better! I get extremely bad headaches too. The only solution for me is to sleep for 5-6 hours. And I apply some kind of balm/ointment as well.
Perhaps you could try that?

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Was kinda rude to mum this morning :/

So as usual I was rushing in the morning
Me: Maaa where are my socks? i hanged it outside
Mum: I removed them and kept it on the couch
Me: WHYYYY? They are so tiny and will get lost. Don't remove them plz. Let them dry outside. Easier to find
Mum: Okay
Me: IT'S NOT ON THE COUCHHH. Grr you shouldn't have removed them *trying so hard not to shout hahaha*
Mum: *helps me search*
Me: Okay thank you. Bye :)
:) :( :) :( :) :( Shall be extra nice to her this this week. Technically she was just trying to help.

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