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Do you still have feelings for your ex?

In a friend-way, yes. I'll always love and care for him, I mean we did date and share memories you can't simply pretend didn't exist-but that romantic chapter the both of us shared together is done. ^_^. He's one of my best friends and I'll always care about him dearly.

Uhh i miss you where's have you been?!

I've been stressing, writing working and now schooling lol. You're so sweet, thank you! I missed you too, whoever you are ❤️

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How do you think Dimension W will do on Toonami?

Well, I don't think it did the best, but hey it was worth a shot, right?

OMG I'm sorry for the anon and their question this happens a lot to the ladies I know on Twitter but you think MSU gonna beat my beloved Alabama? Roll Tide!

It's okay! Lol. Ughhh I'm not a state fan (likes U of M) hmm hmm they might though XD
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I see you're pretty chummy with Darrell from TFP are you going out or just good Twitter buddies?

We're just good Twitter buddies ^_^ he's a really nice and funny guy who I'm happy to of met ^_^

nah pandagitz is kind of a lame nerd. how did you even find her?

She's my friend and I would appreciate it if you didn't insult her please. There is no such thing as a "lame nerd" either.

Are you gonna post your book on Wattpad when it's done? (Btw love you babe 😘😘❤️)

GamerGirl307’s Profile PhotoScythe
Nope, probably won't due to the fear I have of copyright infringement ><. Love you too sis 💘💘

When will you release your novel?

I want to seek a publisher early next year. It still needs a lot of edits and work done and will when I have it reviewed too. I just hope I can finish writing it first, though

What is the most interesting city to visit in your country?

I haven't traveled enough, so I'm sorry if I don't give you a fair answer. So far, Boston has been one of my favorite cities to visit :)

What do you have planned for this weekend?

Finishing summer simulcasts and starting fall simulcasts as well as start and finish some dub animes too. Then there's the needing to start chapter 5 of my story, revise chs. 1-4 (again): homework, work on Sunday, and reading some mangas too.

What's your morning routine?

Typically I'm not up in the morning cause I go to bed at like 4-5am, but if I can get up in the morning my routine would be: brush teeth, brush hair, make breakfast, feed the cats, eat, watch anime and check my phone

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I'm more of a night owl, but I'd love to be an early bird if I could sleep earlier >_>.

In your opinion, what is the worst non-violent crime that a person can do to another person or a group of people? Why is it so bad to you?

GK_Mix’s Profile PhotoGKmix
Bully or embarrass them. I know what it's like to of been through both :/

Favorite villains in anime

Anti hero main characters count as villains technically, I think *_*
Lelouch Lampourouge
Light Yagami
Then there's:
-Some of the innovators in mobile suit gundam 00 loved them!
Nena trinity (gundam 00)
Ali-Al Sanchez (gundam 00)
Annie Leonhart
Sasuke Uchiha
Silver Mask (Arslan Senki)
Su wong (Akatsuki no Yona)
Gisselle (bleach)
Pride (Fma brotherhood)
Satsuki Kiriyurin
Kyubei (madoka magica)
Johan (monster)
Izaya (Durarara) technically he's one
Can't think of anymore at the moment lol. Abc I know I named a few that ended up becoming an ally of whichever main character in an anime or may vary to the opinions of others but still ^_~

Hope you're having a nice Friday before the weekend! Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste and Smell are the 5 senses that the human body experiences. If you were forced to eliminate one of them, which sense would it be? Why would you be able to live without that particular sense?

GK_Mix’s Profile PhotoGKmix
Thank you too! ^^ I would say either smell or touch, cause I need my sight to watch anime, and ability to hear it and music! Lol it's easier to eliminate those *+*

What is the worst purchase that you have made in your life so far? Why was it so bad?

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Hmm... Darn I can't remember but it'll come to mind later lol

If you had to dye your hair and keep the color for the next five years, what color would you choose?

Blue, purple, pink, burgundy, red, turquoise, or maybe even blond if it looked right

How do you overcome hard times?

Talking to someone I trust, reading, writing, watching something, music, or playing games


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