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sombongnya kak nadia skrg . hmm hmm

♥ SNBW ♥

tak sombong la cik adik , sibuk study :'(

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What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

Go to their country of origin and spend time there :)

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hai there miss you :P #sa when will you write again..?

Hey.. I miss you too.... InsyaAllah when I feel like it :)

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Sama-sama awak...^_^ , ok :)

What shoes did you wear today?

Vans sneakers :3

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Wahhh Palam...untung ye..hehe Btw goodluck ye disana jaga diri baik2 dan kesihatan ye..^_^

alhamdullillah , terima kasih . Awak jugak ye :)

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Awak smbung blaja dkt mna..? :-)


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Awak dh smbung blaja ye..?


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homesick lettuwwwww - dak A3

Aik..... Hahahah. Cam tahu je ni sape. Hahaha.mane adem parents suruh balik sbb ahad dah fly balik Sabah ✌

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What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?

The fruits :p lol

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Hai awak..?


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Where are you at the moment? Record video.

Sorry , not in the mood

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What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?


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Hai Nadia Montel..hihi

Aipp ... Hahahahah. Hai anon :D

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Rofl rofl rofl rofl

Eh , Lol . ketawa pulak :P

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Hi! :) remember me?

Hai anon, haha I think so. Siapakah ini? :)

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Who inspires you?

Everything :)

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fav song right now?

I won't say I'm okay - Front Porch Step

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haii budak weirdo . kihkih kbai

Iwan Abu

Hai kawan baru :P *waves

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Do you think you're brave?

InsyaAllah :)

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where do you live?

The land below the wind :D

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How often do you smile?

As much as I can :)

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budak baik

Waalaikumussalam. Eh kenal ke? Are you sure?

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What motivates you?

Allah s.w.t amd positive vibes around me :)

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Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?


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Salam Alaik , I'm weird :)